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Many players enjoy the increased speeds that accompany lightweight club options. We carefully cultivated our collection of lightweight drivers to include models that tactically make the most of each ounce. As a result, every one of these clubs deliver heightened speeds without forfeiting accuracy.

Light Golf Drivers

PING Lite G Le 2 Driver for Women PING Lite G Le 2 Driver for Women
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Lighter drivers can endow some golfers with more confident handling and faster swing speeds, ultimately leading to greater scores for players that may otherwise be at a disadvantage. Elite manufacturers harness forward-thinking technologies to bestow the clubs with impressive power and precision-capabilities to deliver a well-rounded experience. Plus, many of the lightweight drivers incorporate adjustable features in order to empower players to customize the club to best suit their environments and preferences. Check out the many designs at Golfballs.com; though the drivers may be light to swing does not mean that they're light on quality.