What Golf Equipment do Children Need?

Most golf aficionados have heard of Sam Snead. For those who haven’t, the famous pro golfer was known for his entertaining anecdotes about growing up in the Virginia hills. Slammin’ Sammy wasn’t just known for his success on the golf course, either, but also for the way he began playing as a kid: by making his own golf clubs out of sticks.

Sammy’s determination to get involved in the game of golf should be an inspiration for any junior or young adult looking to take up golf, especially since kids don’t have to fashion their own clubs nowadays. In fact, the golf gear that’s available for kids today would have made a young Sam Snead green with envy.

So what kind of golf equipment will your child need to join you on the course for one of life’s greatest pastimes? Let’s go over some of the bare essentials necessary for making a pleasant day on the fairways with junior in-tow.

The Right Golf Gear For Kids

Kids can lose interest in new activities pretty fast, especially if they can’t see an immediate incentive to play. Since golf is a game of patience and resolve, it’s important to make it as fun as possible for your child by outfitting him or her with the appropriate golf equipment.

Your junior golfer may be accustomed to wearing graphic tees and jeans to school every day, but dressing for the golf course is another story. When searching for appropriate golf equipment for juniors, start with apparel first. Make sure your child has appropriate golf shirts, shorts, pants and a good hat to keep the sun at bay. You’ll also want to them fitted for a set of golf shoes or cleats. Throw in a little sunscreen and some shades, and your kid will be all set to hit the links dressed like a real pro.

The next step toward equipping your child for the golf course is to purchase a good junior golf bag. Junior golf bags are made with smaller players in mind, and will help them learn their way around the bag a lot faster than lugging around an oversized hand-me-down. You don’t necessarily have to customize your child’s bag, but adding a personalized touch will certainly keep them even more interested in the game.

Making sure your child has basic junior golf equipment is the first step toward getting him or her hooked on the game. The next step is a life event they won’t soon forget: picking out their first set of golf clubs.

The Right Golf Clubs For Juniors

When you present your child with his or her first set of golf clubs, you’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime. What you don’t want is for such a special occasion to be followed up with a frustrating round for your little one on the golf course, which is why it’s important to get golf clubs that are custom-fit for your young player.

When shopping for golf clubs for juniors, keep in mind that complete sets like the ones from U.S. Kids Golf or Tour Edge, usually won’t carry the USGA maximum allowed number of clubs, which is 14. Kids won’t need that many clubs, and probably already have enough to carry with their accompanying junior golf equipment on their backs anyway.

Expect to find most junior and young adult golf club sets ranging anywhere from three to ten clubs: smaller club counts for smaller players, with sets moving up in clubs incrementally to account for growing players. These clubs are also much shorter than the clubs adults are used to. After all, they have enough to carry without loading up a stool to stand on while swinging longer adult clubs.

Searching for the best golf gear for your kids is exciting for any parent that’s a bona-fide golf enthusiast. Getting them involved in the game of golf is a great way to build character, teach sportsmanship, and keep them away from the television and out on the open fairways of your favorite course. When you’re shopping for children’s golf equipment, don’t forget to throw in some junior golf balls, plenty of tees, and a junior golf glove like the ones from Nike and FootJoy as well. Setting up the young ones for success with the right golf equipment will ensure a lifetime of golfing adventures before they even take their first swing.

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