Do I need to wear golf gloves?

The market for golf equipment and accessories is so vast that sometimes golfers start to question what they really need to carry with them in their bag. For professionals, the reasoning behind questioning golf necessities is obvious, because every piece of equipment they invest in has to be carried across 18 holes on foot.

Amateur golfers that may be hauling their latest golf clubs and bags on the back of a golf cart are less concerned with equipment quantity, but may be looking to save a few bucks by skimping on certain purchases.

One such example of a commonly diverted piece of equipment is the golf glove. Their presence is ubiquitous on golf courses and clubhouses around the world, but occasionally golfers – especially newcomers to the sport – find themselves questioning whether or not they really need one.

While the need to wear a golf glove is not mentioned in the USGA rulebook (in fact, some professional golfers choose not to wear a glove), donning this grip-saving piece of equipment can be crucial to executing a solid and controlled swing. Let’s examine why you need a golf glove, and how to make sure that you are wearing it correctly.

Are Golf Gloves Necessary?

Maybe you feel comfortable in your own skin, and putting a glove on feels awkward. Maybe you just don’t want to cough up a few bucks to purchase a glove. Or maybe you are just tired of replacing them.

There are several reasons why you may think you don’t need a golf glove, but the truth is that golf gloves give players of all skill levels an incredible advantage on the course.

The main reason why you should consider wearing a glove is because your hands are designed to grip, not stick. Carrying a strong grip with you to the tee box may sound like enough at first, but incorporate sweaty palms after the first drive or two, and your grip strength suddenly becomes obsolete.

Unlike the human hand, golf gloves are designed to be tacky. Just like a gecko’s fingers allow it to stick to an assortment of incredibly slick surfaces, wearing a golf glove will ensure that whether moisture is coming from wet weather on the outside, or your palms are sweating profusely on the inside, your rock-solid golf grip will remain intact.

The Importance of Golf Gloves

Understanding why you really need a golf glove not only puts emphasis on remembering this important piece of golf equipment every time you play the game, but it also helps address how a slick golf grip can cause a perfect round to slide right out of your hands.

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