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The Golf Gear Buying Guide answers many common questions about the differences in technology of golf balls, golf clubs and more to help golfers find the right fit for their game.

what is a slope rating 0

What is a slope rating in golf?

Golf differs from many other popular sports in a wide variety of ways. One of the key characteristics of this sport is the recognition of fluctuating skill levels from beginners and intermediate players to...

winter golf tips 0

Tips for Golfing in the Winter

Unfortunately, for many of us, cold weather means less time on the course. Unless you’re living close to the tropics, harsh winter days and impossible conditions are going to occasionally throw off your golf...

determine golf handicap 0

How do I determine my golf handicap?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “par for the course”, then you probably already know that it means the subject being referenced is normal or to be expected. You’re also most undoubtedly aware of...

keeping cool on golf course 0

Tips for keeping cool on the golf course

Acting like a hothead on the golf course isn’t exactly synonymous with rising temperatures. Sure, excessive heat can certainly instigate a few summertime temper tantrums during a round, which in turn could result in...

practice golf at home 0

How to Practice Golf At Home

There’s nothing quite like getting in some serious practice time on your favorite golf course. Courses featuring driving ranges and putting greens offer golfers everything they would ever need to hone their golf skills,...

childrens golf equipment 0

What Golf Equipment do Children Need?

Most golf aficionados have heard of Sam Snead. For those who haven’t, the famous pro golfer was known for his entertaining anecdotes about growing up in the Virginia hills. Slammin’ Sammy wasn’t just known...