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The Golf Gear Buying Guide answers many common questions about the differences in technology of golf balls, golf clubs and more to help golfers find the right fit for their game.

how to use a golf range finder 0

How do you use a golf rangefinder?

Golf rangefinders have helped many high-handicap and intermediate golfers effectively determine their position from the pin for decades. Rangefinders utilize laser technology to accurately measure distance from the device to the intended target in...

do you need a golf glove 0

Do I need to wear golf gloves?

The market for golf equipment and accessories is so vast that sometimes golfers start to question what they really need to carry with them in their bag. For professionals, the reasoning behind questioning golf...

What is a golf ball marker 0

What is a golf ball marker?

Imagine you’re on the green with your golfing buddy, and you’re both just a few feet away from the hole, your golf balls lying uncomfortably close to one another. Rules dictate that the furthest...