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The Golf Gear Buying Guide answers many common questions about the differences in technology of golf balls, golf clubs and more to help golfers find the right fit for their game.

how to maintain golf shoes 0

How to Care for Golf Shoes

Maintaining proper care of your golf shoes will not only ensure a sharp look on the course, but will also increase their longevity. Because this kind of footwear is meant for functionality, constant upkeep...

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Types of Golf Cleats and Spikes

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of slipping on the golf course – especially in the middle of your swing. Sure, your friends will get a kick out of watching your feet touch the...

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Pros and Cons of Spike-less Golf Shoes

Spikeless golf footwear have gained significant popularity in the golf world for being more comfortable, easy-to-wear and stylish than their traditional spiked shoes. However, while there are many advantages to the spikeless options, there...

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Spiked Vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes

Before deciding between a spiked and spikeless golf shoe, it is important to understand their strengths and weaknesses. First and foremost, make the combination of functionality and comfort the ultimate emphasis. Consider which cleat...