Bridgestone Golf Launches New e-Series Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2015 e-Series Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2015 e-Series Golf Balls

Good things are coming out of Covington, Georgia, just in time for the 2015 golf season.  Bridgestone Golf – the premier golf equipment manufacturer from the South specializing in golf balls, golf clubs and other accessories – have launched their latest take on the popular e-Series line of golf balls. The newly redesigned line for 2015 carries on Bridgestone’s time-tested legacy of providing golf balls that players can depend on, while introducing a few new tweaks along the way.  The ball maker’s latest advancement – the e-Series revolutionary WEB Dimple Technology – is expected to have players driving further without sacrificing control across the new line of e-Series products.

With the proven e-Series trifecta of Bridgestone golf balls getting a fresh 2015 update, along with the new technological advances that have been made across the line, there’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it.

e-Series WEB Dimple Technology

Bridgestone golf has long-touted the e-Series line of golf balls as the go-to source for professional-grade golf balls designed to tighten up lines for players facing substantial ball-flight challenges.  According to Bridgestone Golf’s Director of Marketing, Corey Consuegra, the latest 2015 e-Series line offers the same great flight control while delivering distance gains that golfers are sure to notice through the advent of Bridgestone’s latest cover design.

“Our e-Series balls have long been trusted by golfers struggling to overcome ball flight challenges,” Mr. Consuegra stated for Bridgestone Golf.  “The 2015 Bridgestone e-Series delivers that same great flight performance while offering tangible distance gains courtesy of our new WEB Dimple Technology.”

Most of us are aware by now that the surface dimples of today’s golf balls provide players with valuable distance and control by reducing ball drag through the air.  The new WEB Dimple Technology will be applied to Bridgestone’s e-Series golf balls across the entire line, giving all three e-Series variations a noticeable boost in distance off the tee, as well as down the fairway. The latest pattern variation from Bridgestone also grants e-Series golf balls a 10% gain in surface coverage, allotting more dimples that attribute to a more aerodynamic golf ball.  The pentagonal golf ball pattern – working in conjunction with Bridgestone’s Dual Dimple design – results in a golf ball designed to cut through the air more efficiently while reducing drag. To put it plainly, less drag equals more distance.

The e-Series Line of Golf Balls

The new WEB Dimple Technology is being applied across the entire 2015 line of e-Series golf balls from Bridgestone, but what sets the three e-Series models apart?

  • 2015 Bridgestone e5 – If you’re looking to get your ball up and away, then you should consider Bridgestone’s new e5.  This two-piece golf ball gives golfers seeking higher ball flight an edge on the competition while affording greater distance and control, all wrapped up in a durable urethane cover.
  • 2015 Bridgestone e6 – The new e6 is for players focusing on greater control of their shots.  This multi-layer model touts itself as the softest multi-layer available today, and was created specifically with golfers suffering from slice-and-hook heartaches in mind.
  • 2015 Bridgestone e7 – The e7 golf ball is another multi-layer solution designed to give golfers more penetrating results without suffering from the negative effects of higher ball flight.  That’s because the e7 was created precisely to combat windy conditions, making it a great choice for players looking for altitude, speed, and distance.

The new 2015 e-Series line of golf balls from Bridgestone has proven once again the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of golf equipment and accessory technology advancement.  By combining the best features from Bridgestone’s previous golf balls with the highly advanced WEB Dimple Technology, the e-Series is sure to turn some heads on golf courses around the world this season.

The new Bridgestone e-Series golf balls are available now. And for a limited time, get Free Personalization on the entire line of e-Series balls by using promo code PRINTED at checkout.

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