Maintain a Proper Putting Grip

Are you looking to improve your putting? If so, make sure you are maintaining a proper putting grip. It is essential to keep a light grip on the club and let the clubhead do the work. Read on for more tips on how to maintain a proper putting grip.

Perfect Your Putting Grip

There are a few different ways that people can grip a putter, but the most important thing is to ensure that the grip is comfortable and secure. One way to grip a putter is to hold the club with the left hand and put the right hand behind the club, locking the pinkie and ring finger. The thumb should be placed on top of the club, and the index finger should be underneath. 

Whichever way you grip the club, ensure that you hold it firmly but not too tightly. Although whatever way you choose to grip the club, make sure that you are holding it firmly but not too tightly.

How to Hold a Putter

Assuming you are right-handed, start by holding the putter in your left hand. Next, place your left hand on the grip with your palm facing down. Then, take your right hand and wrap it around the left, placing your right thumb on top of the left thumb. You want to ensure that the V created by your thumbs points toward your right shoulder.

Now that you have the grip in place, it is essential to maintain a light grip pressure. You want to grip the club sparingly, as this will lead to tension in your arms and wrists, which can negatively affect your stroke. Instead, focus on keeping your grip relaxed yet firmly in place.

It is also essential to keep your wrists firm while getting a feel for your putting grip. This will help to ensure a smooth, even stroke. But, again, too much tension in your wrists can lead to a choppy stroke, so focus on keeping them relaxed.

Get A Feel For Your Grip Style

There are many different ways that people grip a golf club, but a few key elements should be present in any grip to ensure a good, consistent swing or stroke. 

First, the grip should be firm but not too tight. You should be able to hold the club comfortably in your hand without your fingers feeling cramped. Second, the grip should be positioned in the palm of your hand, with your fingers wrapped around the club and your thumb placed opposite your index finger. This will help ensure that the club is properly balanced in your hand. 

Finally, ensure that your grip is not too far up the putter, as this can throw off your putting stroke. The most important thing to remember when gripping the putter is to be consistent. 

Once you find the best putting grip that feels comfortable and allows you to have a smooth putting stroke, stick with it. An inconsistent putter grip can lead to inconsistency in your stroke, resulting in less accuracy and more frustration on the golf course. So find a grip style that works for you to perfect your putting form. 

Maintaining a proper putting grip is essential to your golf game because it allows the player to have more control over the ball and achieve a more accurate putt.

Correctly Regripping Your Putter Will Help 

Having a fresh golf club grip can help keep your hands from chaffing and help you completely control your golf club. Golfers must regrip their clubs to keep them in top shape. 

To remove the old grip, use a utility knife to cut carefully down to the club head. This will make it easier to pry off later. Once you've removed all of the old grip, use a putty knife or other flat-edge tool to pry up any remaining pieces of old glue residue and leftover adhesive tape. 

Next, clean the club shaft to ensure the new grip sticks properly and securely. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any residue or dirt. Do not use any chemicals on the club shaft, as it could damage the finish and cause corrosion. Once you've cleaned off all of the dirt and grime, dry off your golf club shaft with a clean cloth or towel.

Remove the backing from only one side of the tape and place the sticky side on the shaft of the club. Partially wrap it around the club. Then, remove the backing from the top side and wrap it around the rest of the shaft. Ensure it is secure and evenly wrapped on the club. 

Place a new grip on the shaft and ensure the logo is aligned on the club. Wipe down the new grip and allow it to dry completely for about 6-8 hours before playing. Proper care for your golf grips will ensure your own grip on your club is exactly where it needs to be. Proper care for your club will not only save your hands in the long run, but it can also help maximize your swing capabilities as well. As with most golf strategies, caring for your equipment is the foundation of perfecting your game. With reliable equipment, players will get a consistent practice session and master their technique. 

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