How to Practice Golf in The Winter

Even if the golf season is coming to an end, chances are your drive to play the game hasn’t. If that describes you, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some key ways to keep your golf skills ready and in shape over the colder months. And the best part is, some of our tactics don’t even require you to have clubs, balls, or a course.

Check Your Golf Swing in Front of a Mirror 

Go through the mechanics of the golf swing in front of a mirror, studying each movement. Take it slow and to help build golfing muscles by attaching a Swing Weight Donut to your golf club. This will help improve your swing while building power and tempo.

Master Your Putt Indoors 

Nothing will shed strokes from your golf score faster than a reliable, confident putting stroke. Getting a feel for your putter is a fairly common practice indoors. Just putting balls along a carpet can help keep the feel of your short game. You can visualize making that perfect putt with an OnCourse Automatic Putting System that enables you to drill on short putts up to seven feet into a regulation size cup. Electric return options are also available to streamline your practice session and conveniently return the ball to you. 

Hit Golf Balls in Your Garage or Other Indoor Space 

In a winter wonderland, a Thick Turf Practice Mat and a Stand Up Practice net will allow you to bang golf balls all winter long keeping your game sharp. The practice mat features three-hole positions for an included rubber tee. This enables driver and iron club practice. The shock-corded frame on the net is supported by a high-stability base to handle your most powerful shots. These practice nets stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. 

Try a Collapsible Chipping Net 

Keep the touch in your short game by taking down the practice net, and replacing it with this folding chipping basket with three target centers. This is the perfect tool for those days where the ground has softened up due to a sunny winter’s day.

Frequent Indoor Driving Ranges 

Driving ranges have come a long way from the days of a small wooden shack and a line of rope on the near-barren ground. If you are fortunate enough to live near an indoor golf facility, you can find high-tech golf training aids, launch monitors, video systems, electronic targets and more. Or you can just hit golf balls to keep your golf swing and your form strong. 

Schedule Time with a Golf Simulator 

Indoor golf simulators can offer an experience akin to playing a round of golf on the green while never having to leave your house. They also offer intensive professional instruction, with a golf swing analysis and training help to keep your game sharp all winter long. Cameras and monitors using the latest evaluation software will offer answers to ills in your game. You can then store all the data online in a video locker for reference during the upcoming season.

Prepare Your Mind and Body

The winter is the ideal time to work on your body when you otherwise would be playing. Lift weights while paying attention to the muscles used in the golf swing. Try a few yoga positions that will improve and maintain the all-important flexibility that all golfers need as they age. The winter is also the time to take a few moments and reflect on your course management. Think about where you tend to lose strokes on your home course and how to play smarter. As Bobby Jones once said, “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.” Read up on how you can sharpen your on-course strategy. One more thing – take some time to read the rule book this winter, you will be amazed how knowing the rules will improve your golf game. 

Keeping Your Golf Skills Sharp

No matter if you’re playing at a driving range, with an indoor simulator, or even on your rug at home, you don’t have to let the winter dull your skills. Putt, drive, and stretch your way to a stronger game this winter – and come spring, you’ll be ready fresh as ever. Use the winter to truly hone your skills and be ready to play a whole new game on the fairway. 

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