How to Deal with Rain on the Golf Course

Kang Sung-hoon at Quicken Loans National 2017, image:

Sung Kang at Quicken Loans National 2017, image:

To the Scottish, playing in the wind and rain is both normal and expected. The rest of the world might not be as enthusiastic about playing golf in the rain as the linksters in Scotland, but at some point, you are likely to find yourself playing an important round in the rain.

The most important thing about playing golf in the rain is the mentality. Everyone must golf in the same wet conditions and many will not be happy about it. If you go into the round with a positive attitude, you are likely to have a stroke or two advantage on the field before you even step up to the first tee.

How then, can you play your best golf in the rain?

What Golf Gear to Wear in the Rain

When golfing in wet conditions there are two critical things to look after – the hands and feet. Keeping the club grips dry is your foremost concern. When playing golf in the rain it is impossible to make proper contact if the club is slipping out of your hands. There is also a tendency when golfing in wet conditions to increase swing speed due to a subconscious fear of the club becoming slippery and losing control. Slow down your routine, take an extra club for the conditions and swing smoothly.

Keeping grips dry will require several golf towels during a round. One trick to help towels stay dry is to drape them over the supports under your umbrella. To enhance your chances of keeping your grip firm on a slick golf club, consider rain golf gloves for both hands. Full cord grips are also the best golf grips for rain.

Ian Poulter Shelters From the Rain at the 2017 Open Championship, image:

Ian Poulter Shelters From the Rain at the 2017 Open Championship, image:

It is also imperative that your feet stay firmly anchored to the wet ground. Most golf shoes come with weatherproofing to keep shoes dry in the rain. However, this protection wears off over time. If you find your feet getting wet in the rain, it may be time for a new pair of shoes. Also, check the condition of the spikes; it is better to replace them before you show up at the course on a day of inclement weather when you really need them.

There are plenty of options for what to wear golfing in the rain, but the best golf rain gear for the money remains a trusty golf umbrella. Find one that is vented so it can stand up to high winds. The more equipment you can keep dry with your umbrella, the better your chances of playing a successful round.

Tips for Golf and Rain

If you can overlook the inconvenience of battling the foul weather, there are some advantages to playing in the rain. When the greens are wet, you can fly your approach shots towards the flag with confidence that they will hit and hold. Once on the green, the putts will roll slower meaning they can be struck with more authority and played with less break. Be aware that water may collect in the dimples of a golf ball making it difficult to deliver a pure strike. To have the driest ball possible, line up putts with your golf ball marker, wipe down your ball with a towel, and do not put down the ball until you are ready to putt.

If you play a lot of tournament golf, you are likely to find yourself playing in the rain a few times a year. The best way to prepare for these conditions is to practice in them. Do not be reluctant to go out to the driving range on a rainy day. These sessions will help you focus on ball-striking and to get accustomed to the golf shots necessary to play in the rain when it counts.

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