Buyer’s Guide: Best Golf Balls for Kids

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The latest “big” innovation in golf ball construction wasn’t created with junior golfers in mind, but kids are the biggest beneficiary of the trend. Soft, or low compression, golf balls are targeted to players with slower swing speeds. That market is typically considered to include senior players and women players. Junior golfers are also square in that target market.

Why Should You Buy Low Compression Golf Balls for Kids?

The first thing you should explain to your junior golfer is that they are not quite ready to adopt the equipment their favorite PGA Tour pros use. Even when kids feel like they are swinging with all their might, they are still not generating enough swing speed to take advantage of the qualities of top-of-the-line performance golf balls.

Low compression golf balls are designed to deliver distance tailored to slower swings by reducing spin off the clubface. The lower spin will also help minimize those frustrating hooks and slices in a beginner’s game. The lower compression will also feel softer to the young hitter that will facilitate touch shots around and on the green.

You are looking for golf balls with stated compressions less than 60 (players with faster swings can play balls with compressions up to 110). Some of the balls to sample in this category are the Callaway Supersoft, Titleist DT TruSoft, Srixon Soft Feel, or TaylorMade Noodle. Any of these options will provide solid performance for slower swing speeds that accompany most junior golfers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Equate “Lady” With “Junior”

Golf balls are manufactured for differing golfer swing speeds, not gender or age. Yet many golf balls that would be ideal for juniors are labeled “lady” or “women’s.” Many junior boy golfers are at an age where they want nothing to do with anything of the opposite gender, but these gender-specific golf balls are ideal for young swing speeds.

Some of these balls worth trying include Srixon Soft Feel Lady Pink, Callaway Supersoft Matte Pink, TaylorMade Kalea Purple, and Pinnacle Soft Pink. All will play just fine off junior club faces.

Colors and Themes

Your young golfer is coming to the game at just the right time. The golf ball market has exploded with color, whereas in the recent past golf balls meant usually only white. Established players still tend to prefer white golf balls and view color as a novelty, but kids love the infusion of personality into the game.

Volvik golf balls have been the leader into the color palette and no doubt have a ball on offer to match your junior’s favorite color. Volvik has even tapped the superhero market and teamed up with Marvel to offer their popular Vivid golf balls in themed sets complete with themed ball markers. The Volvik Vivid is a great performing low compression golf ball option and these unique Marvel designs make them even more appealing to junior golfers:


Volvik Vivid Marvel Golf Ball Sets, image:

Volvik Vivid Marvel Golf Ball Sets, image:


Right on the heels of the color explosion has been the introduction of patterned golf balls. Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis golf balls feature a familiar soccer ball-like pattern on its popular Chrome Soft golf ball line. Not only will these balls appeal to youngsters with their distinctive look but there is research evidence that patterned, and vividly colored golf balls appear slightly larger to the eye due to increased visibility. A ball that appears larger can be less intimidating to beginning swings.

There will be plenty of time for your young golfer to grow serious about the game and graduate to more traditional golf balls. Until then, encourage them to have fun with their golf balls. Who knows, by the time today’s youngsters reach the professional tours the white golf ball may be a relic of the past.

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