Best Golf Gifts for Dads

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While dads and are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, it’s a different story for those who love golf. There are so many golf gift ideas that are both affordable and accessible – even just gifting a dozen of his favorite golf balls would be appreciated. But if you’re looking to make the next gift-giving occasion even more special, take a step outside the box with our list of golf gifts that are sure to impress.

Golf Instruction Books

One of the great attractions of golf is that there are many ways to achieve the end result. They say guys love to “tinker”, and if that is the case, golf is the perfect sport for that. Little swing experiments to try and make things work are catnip to many dads.

While you can find golf instruction tips in almost every golf magazine, the most popular golf instruction books tend to be authored by the greats of the game from several eras. Chances are the great golfing hero in your pop’s life has written an instruction guide. Go track it down.

The Mental Side of the Game

Speaking of all-time greats, Bobby Jones once said, “Golf is a game played on a five-inch course.” He was referring to the importance of the mental side of golf. Sports psychologists peg the part of the game that is mental as high as 95 percent.

If your father is the sort who likes to analyze – or over-analyze life, look into buying him one of the many books or videos in the golf market that address attitude and confidence. You may even be showing him a new side to his favorite sport.

Home Practice

Not too long ago, there was no way for a golfer to hone their game skills other than spending time at the range. Practice at home was usually confined to putting on the carpet at an overturned glass.

Today many innovative products allow golfers to work on every aspect of their games away from the course. “Carpet” greens have been replaced by portable putting surfaces that replicate cups and hazards. Practice balls have graduated from Wiffle balls into realistic, soft-covered balls that mimic the real deal. Backyard driving range set-ups are even available for those with a more sizeable yard. No matter which golfing skill your dad is trying to enhance, chances are there is an at-home solution you can gift to him this season.

Gift Passes

A surefire way to get a golfing dad a gift he would love is to get him discounts playing the sport itself! Whether that is a book of passes to the local driving range or a pre-paid play deal at an area golf course, they are sure to be redeemed by your dad in the upcoming golf season.

If you really want to go the extra mile, look into pre-paying your dad’s next season of cart fees, or hot dogs and beer at the concession shack. Either way, he will be thrilled to save money at his favorite hobby.

Golf Lover Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for smaller golf gift ideas to throw in your dad’s stocking, try getting him a few of the basics! Every golfer that prepares for the upcoming golf season will most likely be needing fresh golf gloves, golf socks, insect repellent, and sunscreen. And if you’re in a chillier climate, he would likely appreciate a pack of hand warmers for those chilly morning rounds, too!

Personalize the Golfer Basics

If your dad falls into the category of a more low-maintenance golfer, he may ditch extra accessories like golf gloves or sun-protecting hats. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t need the basics. No matter what type of golfer you are, everyone on the links will need golf balls and tees. Use this as an opportunity to outfit him with a fresh, personalized supply of each. Personalized golf balls are a perfect way to give your pop something really special.

Not sure how to customize it? Use a favorite phrase your dad uses on the golf course – every golfer has one – or use his all-time best score. Personalized golf accessories such as ball markers, divot repair tools, and scoring pencils can also be customized to build an individualized golf set that will remind him of you. And it doesn’t need to stop there – golf caps, towels, and umbrellas can be personalized to honor him, too.

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Photo Golf Balls

Willie Nelson is such an avid golfer that he has his own nine-hole course in Texas. He likes to tell the story of how one of the best instruction tips he ever received was to imagine the golf ball was the head of some varmint who had done him wrong and swing hard at it.

While you probably don’t want to gift your dad with a golf ball of his mortal enemy, it could be a great opportunity for a joke gift or prank. Make your pop laugh this occasion with a customized photo golf ball – even if it sits in his office, it will always be a reminder of his inside joke with you.

Finding the Perfect Golf Gift for Your Dad

No matter if you gift your dad an at-home golf course or a personalized golf accessory, the important thing is to celebrate your father for being the man he is. Make him feel extra special this season with a gift that celebrates his interests, skills or personal humor with a golf gift from

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