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Golfballs.com Gift Center - Golf Gifting Made Easy

Golfballs.com Gift Center – Golf Gifting Made Easy

Have you ever heard a golfer say, “I’ve got to work on my game,” or “how’s your game?” That’s because golfers don’t merely play golf; golfers have “a game.” When the gift-giving time rolls around there is no gesture more appreciated than a recognition of that “game” with a personalized touch.

To properly acknowledge a golfer’s game, personalized golf equipment and accessories should extend beyond a simple name print. How about including added personalized details like an all-time low score next to their name, the hole number and course name where their first hole-in-one was scored, or a memorable statement about their win in a local golf tournament? Anything to remind your golfer of a time when they had a great round!

The “Game” Starts with the Golf Ball

If the key to gift-giving is finding something the recipient would never buy for oneself then consider the Titleist Pro V1 or Titleist Pro V1x. This golf ball is the overwhelming choice of the game’s best players (seven wins on professional Tours across the world in the past week alone, if you’re counting). Such a top of the line golf ball may not be a regular purchase for the duffer who doesn’t believe there’s enough game in the bag to merit playing the same ball as professionals. For many players, putting a Titleist on their peg is a rare treat that they won’t normally get to experience. If you’re wondering, the Titleist Pro V1 performs as well for the skilled weekend warrior as it does for Jordan Spieth and the gang.

Making the “Game” Better

Getting that golf game to improve means time on the range. A golf glove to protect the hands during those practice sessions is a must. Even without time on the range a top quality golf glove only has a life expectancy of about 18 rounds, so most golfers need to buy two or three a season. Pulling a few out of the stocking will be a welcome surprise, and don’t be afraid to nudge your golfer out of the traditional whites and blacks with some of the stylish bright-colored gloves now showing up on golf courses.

Training aids to improve the golf swing are as old as the sport itself. Many of these ingenious devices are worthy of a Rube Goldberg cartoon but few are more effective than simple alignment rods. These lightweight fiberglass sticks, that are the length of a driver and fit easily into a golf bag, have a multitude of uses: checking alignment at setup, identifying ball position, building a proper swing plane when stuck into the ground, and working on a proper ball contact in the short game.

You can’t use alignment rods on the golf course to bring down scores, but you can use GPS devices and rangefinders. These sophisticated laser tools do much more than give exact distances to the flagstick. You can find models with display screens that provide golf hole pictures with lay-up distances as well. Nothing builds confidence in the “game” better than knowing the right club has been selected for the task at hand.

For even more personalized gifts or gift ideas for the golfer in your life browse Golfballs.com’s Gift Center for a huge range of golf products.

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