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2016 FedEx Cup Playoffs: Who Wins it All?

So the 2016 FedEx Cup is upon us, meaning it’s time to make some predictions. Who do you favor? Do you still like the young guys? When the season began we appeared to be...

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2015 Player of the Year: Spieth or Day?

Wasn’t it just fifteen minutes ago where golf pundits were debating where to slot Jordan Spieth’s 2015 campaign among the all-time great years in the sport? Ahead of Jones in 1930? Hogan in 1953?...


The FedEx Cup Playoffs: Good for Golf?

Ah, the FedEx Cup Playoffs.  No playoff system in the world of professional sports would be complete without its share of controversy, detractors and hecklers.  After all, isn’t that what sports are all about?...