Pros and Cons of Spike-less Golf Shoes

Spikeless golf footwear have gained significant popularity in the golf world for being more comfortable, easy-to-wear and stylish than their traditional spiked shoes. However, while there are many advantages to the spikeless options, there are also a few downsides that should be kept in mind when considering them for purchase.

To understand these it is important to always take into account your personal footwear preferences and the type of courses you typically play on. Though these shoes make it easy for golfers to wear both on and off the course, spikeless golf shoes may not be the best option for every player.


Lack of Traction

Spikeless shoes are often thought to have great grip without penetrating the ground. However, this isn’t always the case. When striking from a vertical slope, the unconventional, spikeless styles deliver much less stability and traction control than regular cleats. This can make the outing much more challenging (and frustrating) if you play regularly on a rolling course with a number of hills.

Additionally, in rainy weather, spikeless golf shoes are not the most effective choice because the course becomes too wet and slippery, which means the risk of falling increases exponentially.

Life Span

The longevity of a golf shoe relies on the amount of continual care and maintenance you’re willing to put into them. That being said, it is important to note that spikeless golf shoes do tend to collect a fair amount of grass clippings and dirt in between the ribs.

If you are going to wear this type of golf shoe during play, you should consider bringing a special stiff-bristled brush to clean the soles at regular intervals. Furthermore, you can find plenty of replacement spikes to swap out as your traditional cleats wear down, but when your spikeless soles go, you must buy a whole new pair of shoes.

For casual comfort, sufficient functionality on the standard gold course, spikeless golf shoes may be a great option for you. Regardless of the occasional drawback, these new-age cleats work wonder for many weekenders and professionals alike.

Of course, spikeless shoes have plenty of pros. You don’t have to worry about tarnishing a course’s turf or changing into separate footwear when you step off the green. To explore top golf shoe brands like FootJoy and Ecco, shop online with


Easy Wear

  • Can be worn on and off the course
  • More stylish
  • Easier to walk in
  • Improved flexibilty

Doesn’t Damage the Course

  • Spiked shoes tend to rip up the course
  • Spikesless does not


Choose the type of shoes that best fits your playing style, personal preference, and comfort.

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