How to Care for Golf Shoes

Maintaining proper care of your golf shoes will not only ensure a sharp look on the course, but will also increase their longevity. Because this kind of footwear is meant for functionality, constant upkeep must take place in order to keep them in optimal condition. After all, no one wants to step onto the green with a tired pair of cleats.

How to Clean Golf Shoes

Most golf shoes these days are made with leather, synthetic materials or a mixture of both. Fortunately, this makes cleaning them an easy task. To simplify the process even more, you don’t have to buy expensive cleaners; just use soap, water and a soft cloth to wipe down any scuffs, dirt or mud on the outer material.

Avoid soaking your shoes in soap and water for an extended period, as the liquid will wear down the material and cause the cleats to come apart. Following this step, thoroughly wipe your footwear down with a dry towel and let them air dry in an open area for an extended length of time until fully dry. Furthermore, you can also finish them off with a leather shoeshine or gel for a fresh, shiny appearance. As an added bonus, the shine will also act as an extra layer of protection from unwanted markings.

Shoe Storage

When you’re packing up from a long round, remember never to throw your moist shoes in the back of the trunk of your car or straight into a gym bag. These places do not provide proper ventilation, which can cause bacterial build-up and smell.

Furthermore, when leather footwear goes from wet to dry and is not exposed to fresh air, they become brittle and will start to crack. To preserve your shoes’ condition, always let them dry in an open area before stowing them back into your shoe bag.

Protect Your Cleat Spikes

Since the bottoms of spiked golf shoes are important to your stability, you must only wear them on surfaces that will not damage the cleats. For instance, refrain from wearing your footwear on cement sidewalks and pavement. Hard surfaces like these will undoubtedly wear down the spikes.

The main purpose of the spiked sole is to provide stability on the green, so be sure to remove any excess mud and dirt that may build up in between the grooves. This could be done with a club or found twig, but should be done with a specially designed golf shoe brush.

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