New Product Launch: Srixon Z-Star 5 Golf Balls

Srixon Z-Star 5 and Z-Star XV Golf Balls

Srixon Z-Star 5 and Z-Star XV 5 Golf Balls

With the unwrapping of its new 5th generation of Z-Star golf balls, Srixon is taking dead aim at every level of golfer in your foursome. The Japanese company got its start manufacturing golf balls for other big-name brands but entered the market in 2011 with a marquee ball of its own, the Z-Star. Srixon has received a boost in the past few months with the scintillating play of star Hideki Matsuyama who won four tournaments and finished second in another over a five-event stretch while playing the Srixon Z-Star XV 5. With its Tour level ball proving itself in years’ past, Srixon has also made waves with their recently released Srixon Q-Star Tour. But here’s a good breakdown of the difference between each model in the new Z-Star 5 lineup, which both won 2017 Golf Digest Hot List gold ratings…

Srixon Z-Star 5. The Z-Star was designed with the better player in mind. It has always been manufactured to stand up to fast swings and consistent ball flight while not sacrificing distance. A thin, feel-enhancing “Spin Skin” cover produces the feel and greenside spin demanded by the top golfer. It will provide more of a softer feel and more control when compared to the Z-Star XV 5.

Srixon Z-Star XV 5. The Z-Star XV 5 is a four-piece, high-compression (105) golf ball that has won over professional players with its penetrating launch angle and reliability in the wind. The Z-Star XV 5 delivers better launch conditions and category-leading distance off the tee. It will provide more distance when compared to the Z-Star 5.

What’s New Under the Hood of the Z-Star 5?

The Core. They have re-engineered the Dual Energetic Gradient Growth Core on the Srixon Z-Star 5 golf balls to make them a bit softer to increase the launch angle and lower the spin off the tee. The softer core also improves the feel of iron shots. The innards of the Z-Star XV 5 have changed as well with the two cores growing larger and softer – but the stiff mantle keeps the compression in the 105 range to withstand the battering delivered by fast swings.

Srixon Z-Star 5 and Z-Star XV Cores

Srixon Z-Star 5 and Z-Star XV 5 Cores

The Cover. This is Srixon’s third generation of “Spin Skin” ball covering, and the company is reporting a 13% increase in softness with this incarnation covering its new golf balls. The elasticity of the urethane stretches at impact to increase the amount of surface area that comes into contact with the club face, producing more spin and control on the shot. This increased spin is especially noticeable around the greens and on iron shots from the high grass.

Srixon Z-Star 5 and Z-Star XV Spin Skin Coating

Srixon Z-Star 5 and Z-Star XV 5 Spin Skin Coating

Once again, Srixon is producing its premium line of golf balls with a yellow cover option to accompany its classic pure white Z-Stars. Srixon also reports that the “Spin Skin” does not adversely increase the spin on tee shots and long irons.

Dimples. That Holy Grail of maximum contact between club and ball carries over to Srixon’s new 338 Speed Dimple Pattern (14 more dimples than the previous generation). The cover for 2017 boasts five different dimple sizes to allow the grooves access to as much ball surface as possible for full shot control. The enhanced aerodynamics of the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern slice through the air for enhanced carry down the fairway.

Srixon Z-Star 5 and Z-Star XV 338 Speed Dimple Pattern

Srixon Z-Star 5 and Z-Star XV 5 338 Speed Dimple Pattern

Now Available in the Following Models:


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