Father’s Day Gift Guide: Go Customized!

Personalized Golf Balls for Father's Day

Personalized Golf Balls for Father’s Day

A dozen golf balls equals gift-giving made easy, since every golfer can always use a dozen balls. It’s a proven way to make Dad happy every Father’s Day. But why not mix things up this year? You can, and it requires scarcely more effort or expense. We’re talking about personalized golf gear. That little extra that tells Dad you spent time on the gift-giving practice range thinking about him.

It’s Not Just Names and Balls Anymore

Consider adorning Dad’s favorite golf balls with his name or favorite saying, a photo of the grand kids or a unique monogram design. You can even take credit for helping to improve his putting game with ID-Align golf balls!

Customized Golf Balls for Father's Day

Customized Golf Balls for Father’s Day

Use those new balls as a building block towards an entire set of personalized golf accessories. Toss in a pack of personalized tees, a divot tool, towel and ball marker, and create your own Dad collection keepsake set.

Tired of his on-course style? Personalized golf hats, shirts, golf bags, and even customized golf shoes are a great way to upgrade his look and give him something that he wouldn’t normally purchase for himself.

Help! I Don’t Know Anything About Golf!

If you don’t personally play the game, you may be surprised to learn that golf is just about the only sport that’s played without a standardized ball. Other than the size, just about everything else about the golf ball is different from one company to the next – the outside, the inside, the color. The details of it all might be too much info to absorb here, but there are things you’ll want to know before customizing your Father’s Day golf gifts.

While some golfers will play any ball they pull out of a pond, most will have a preference in balls and often favor one brand and type to the exclusion of all others. To determine your target purchase you’ll need to examine the insides of your Dad’s golf bag. If you don’t have access to that treasure trove of information, you may have to contact one of Dad’s playing buddies or have Mom do some digging on your behalf. But the expression of gratitude on his face when he opens your gift and sees the exact brand of golf balls he loves most, it will be worth it. Plus, you can be sure that he’ll actually use your gift, rather than just stuffing it in the bag and going back to the brand he prefers.

Help! My Dad’s REALLY Into Golf!

OK, we understand that can be intimidating when you want to stretch out beyond golf balls. Atop the list of most-wanted gizmos and gadgets are laser-powered rangefinders. These increasingly common tools take the guesswork out of club selection on the golf course by providing exact distances to hazards and pins. You can find rangefinders that work like binoculars, be worn as wristwatches, and some that’ll even talk to you.

You can bet what Dad wants most this Father’s Day is to knock a stroke or two off his score. That’s the thinking behind the proliferation of tools that analyze a golfer’s game with sensors and data. These golf performance trackers can even be tied into apps that appear on Dad’s mobile device so he can get real-time evaluations or have something to look at while he’s having a drink up at the 19th hole.

Since Dad is an avid golfer he probably schedules a golf trip or two during the year.While flying is becoming a bigger and bigger hassle, traveling with golf clubs doesn’t have to add to that misery. Increasingly sophisticated travel covers and cases for golf bags, protect his cherished gear during transport and ensure it gets to his favorite spot all in one piece. To make your travel gift that much more special you can fill out a handful of customized bag tags for Dad and slip them inside your well-thought out Father’s Day gift.

If nothing above tickled your fancy, be sure to check out our Father’s Day Golf Gift Center to rock dad’s world for Father’s Day 2016.

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