Best Cold Weather Golf Gear

Best Cold Weather Golf Gear, image:

Best Cold Weather Golf Gear, image:

Though it’s hard to find any golfers who prefer to play in the cold weather, it’s not hard to find golfers on the course when most of the birds have flown south for the winter. Here are some tips for making your next round in the cold if not enjoyable, at least highly functional.

Cold Weather Golf Gloves & Socks

You won’t hit quality golf shots if your hands and feet are starting to numb. That’s why we’ve ranked golf gloves and socks as the most important cold-weather gear to buy before heading to the green.

For winter gloves that will keep chilled fingers cozy and bendable, FootJoy Wintersof Golf Gloves are your number one choice. These Winter gloves, sold in pairs to use on both hands, provide a great grip as well as warmth. Sculpted nylon and Weather-Shield™ foam fleece on the back of the glove delivers protection against winter wind and water. A knit cuff extends beyond the wrist and keeps heat in and cold out.

One key to good cold weather play is comfort – and comfort on the golf course begins at your feet. FootJoy TechSoft Tour Thermal Socks area tried and true pair adored by men and women golfers alike. Why you ask? For one, they are equipped with anatomically shaped foot-beds that are engineered to cushion areas of high impact in the golf swing. Additional cushioning targets both the toe and heel areas. And thermal management fiber technology keeps toes toasty as the thermometer drops.

Snow Golf, image:

Snow Golf, image:

Cold Weather Golf Shirts, Jackets & Pants

Clothing for winter golf is all about layering. This is not the time to preach all-natural fibers. Those cotton shirts that were so breathable for summer play will funnel cold air right to your core in winter. A polyester base coat, engineered to combat the cold weather, is your bedrock garment during winter play. Turtlenecks are also a popular choice for building a winter golf outfit.

If you’re looking to put those loose-fitting cotton shirts to use, begin layering as many as you need to stay warm. The key is to bundle on just enough clothes to stay comfortable while retaining as much mobility in your swing as possible.

The final layer to your outfit should be a moisture-wicking shirt or a weather-fighting jacket. The Sun Mountain Weathershield Jacket is an ideal lifestyle option for a chilly morning on the course. The 3-Layer construction bonds a stretchable polyester shell to a warm fleece liner and sandwiches a waterproof, breathable membrane in between. An added advantage of choosing a jacket for your top layer is zippered pockets for warmer hands.

On more extreme weather days, rain pants provide an extra bulwark against the cold. These pants are perfect as they can also be easily removed if the weather warms up during your round. Sun Mountain Cumulus Pants for both men and women are super lightweight, fully seam-sealed, and guaranteed to remain waterproof for two years.

Stay Warm This Winter

While playing a few rounds in the cold isn’t ideal, it can certainly be done with minimal discomfort. Browse’s selection of golf apparel to find the perfect cold-weather gear for you. Like everything on, our winter apparel is equipped with user-generated ratings and reviews so you can see if it’s the right fit for you.

Happy snow golfing!

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  1. Anil Kumar says:

    Cold weather also affects golf balls due to the coefficient of thermal expansion.When the golf ball gets colder, it can lose a few miles per hour in ball speed, which can mean distance loss due to speed.

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