Who should consider using a cart bag?

When considering whether a cart bag is right for you, ask yourself one question: would you rather manually carry your bags or would you rather cart about your .

The Design

Considered to be the middle ground for golf bags, this option offers more room for storage and accommodates greater features than standard
carry bags.
These additions typically include cooler pockets, umbrella sleeves, putter wells, rangefinder pockets and strap channels.

Constructed to be rolled, most of these carriers have front facing compartments that make it easy to access equipment like balls, gloves and tees without dislodging the bag from its perch on the cart.

Because these carriers are bigger and made with sturdier materials, they are generally not the best option for toting on your shoulders, especially if you are prone to back problems.

Push/Pull Cart Option

Pull and push carts are becoming more and more popular for those who still want to stroll the course and get to know it on a more intimate level.
After all there’s nothing like fresh grass beneath your cleats.
Again, even though it won’t be on your back, choosing a bag that is lighter in weight would be a good choice when going the push/pull route.
There are many choices available for weekend golfers, everyday players and more; you just have to make an educated pick.
Here are some great push/pull cart options:

Cart Recommendations

Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart

Sun Mountain
Pathfinder 3 Push Cart

Rovic RV3J Push Cart

Need Space?

Cart bags are the ideal choice for golfers who need ample storage space on the fairway or at the driving range.
From putters, balls, tees, rainwear, cameras and beverages, a cart bag can fit all your essentials in one reliable place.

These bags are perfect for those not primarily concerned with weight, but rather with durability and practicality.
While still more lightweight than a staff bag, cart bags have a sizeable storage capacity that allows for maximum access to equipment when it’s time for the approach and can fit effortlessly on a riding golf cart, pulled caddy or push cart.
Here are some great cart bags to consider:

Bag Recommendations

Sun Mountain
Boom 14-Way Cart Bag

Woode Cart Bag

XIX 14 Cart Bag for Women

Making the switch from a standard bag to a cart option is a big decision. On one hand, cart bags can save your back, but on the other, they remove the joys of walking the course.
All-in-all, we recommend choosing a cart bag if you’re ready to take some stress off of your back and feet.

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