What are the best golf balls for beginners?

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Want to know an insider secret? The best golf balls for beginners are the least expensive. That being said, consider buying this important equipment in bulk, as a beginner is more likely to lose balls. There is nothing like opening a new $15 sleeve of golf balls on a par three over water and hitting them into the pond one after another. Poof; all of your balls are gone. In fact, you will know you are no longer a beginning golfer when you stop using a beat-up “water ball” to hit over such hazards.

Check out those made with two-piece construction that maximize distance and reduce spin – the more spin, the more those hooks and slices will bend. When you are just starting out, use balls that are inversely proportional to your experience level – you are new so use old golf balls. Re-painted range balls, manufactures reject known as X-out golf balls; coming from the best brands in golf, this gear is aesthetically imperfect but will still provide solid performance. Also consider inexpensive overrun golf balls – i.e. products that were overprinted and are offered at a discount.

When shopping for your first clubs and balls you may come across products that “do not conform to USGA rules.” That quote is something that you can feel free to ignore. If you never plan to play in tournaments and only play with your friendly foursome don’t worry about “those illegal distance balls” or clubs that are not approved for tournament play. If you find something that makes the game easier and more fun to play – take dead aim.

Golf Ball Recommendations

Tour Soft Golf Balls

Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls

Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls

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