PING G30 Driver: What You Need to Know

PING G30 Drivers

PING G30 Drivers

Starting now, there’s a new boss on the fairway. The PING G30 Driver has recently launched and has immediately began turning heads. With big yardage and consistent direction, this club has picked up right where the G25 left off. Below we’ll show you why now’s the time to upgrade your driver.


Manufactured by PING, one of most respected names in golf, the G30 comes readily equipped with a series of turbulators, which is a term you will only hear if your group includes a couple of aeronautical engineers. This set of six dagger-like ridges across the top of the head cuts through the wind with ferocity only seen in jets.

The turbulators actually give the G30 smaller head profile, which makes the club easier to move with grace and precision. This progressive sport technology has been tested by PING in wind tunnels and is proven to reduce aerodynamic drag and maximize swing speed through increased airflow over the club head.

Optimized Flight Directory

In addition to the turbulators, the G30 driver comes packed with PING’s ‘Trajectory Tuning + Technology’, which offers five different launch settings on the adjustable hosel. These settings increase and reduce loft at your leisure for an optimized flight path.

Furthermore, the G30 driver head hangs on the end of a counterbalanced TFC 419D shaft with a balance point nearer to the grip-end. This construction offsets the club head’s weight, which is a bit heavier than the average driver. The heavier head, along with a new high-strength titanium face, will enhance controllability and increase ball speed.

Similarly, the face of the club is extremely forgiving and will transfer all the energy from your strike into the ball. In fact, as alluded to before, the titanium face has been slimmed down from its predecessors for faster speeds upon contact.

Shaft and Grips

Featuring a 45.75-inch shaft length, the G30 is slightly longer than what you’ve been swinging. But don’t let that deter you. PING offers four shaft options to suit your personal preference: soft, regular, stiff and x-stiff shafts.

As for the grips, the PING G30 comes with a traditional soft, all-rubber grip or a specialized cord grip for enhanced control in all weather conditions. Moreover, they’re available in six different diameters to suit your hand size and desired ball flight.

Wrapping It All Up

All in all, PING’s defining trait remains playability, even as it strives to compete with other drivers for max distance. For instance, the G25 was known as the most forgiving driver on the range with a high launch angle and an equally high spin rate. However, that playability came at the expense of distance.

With the G30, on the other hand, PING promises to combine accuracy with those critical yards. Right now you can see some of the top pros crushing the course with these clubs. As more people get a hold of the PING G30 driver on local courses, we’ll really see what it can do.

Enough words. Check out this video from Andy Melancon,’s Retail Store Manger, while he explains the new PING G30 in plain English.

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