New Product Launch: Scotty Cameron Futura X7 Putters

All New Scotty Cameron Futura X7 and X7M Putters

All New Scotty Cameron Futura X7 and X7M Putters

Back in California in the 1970s, when he was 12 years old and building his first putter in a friend’s machine shop, Scotty Cameron didn’t care anything about MOI. Back then the teenager was haunting swap meets and flea markets in the hunt for classic golf clubs, driven only by their beauty and appeal to the eye.

Cameron would eventually set up a milling machine in the family garage and begin churning out putters in earnest. He made putter design his life’s work, and in 1993, his little company received the best publicity imaginable in golf – Bernard Langer, second to none as a ball striker but regarded as a horrible putter, won the Masters using a Scotty Cameron model flat stick. Soon thereafter, the game’s premier putter, Ben Crenshaw, entrusted Cameron with the upkeep on golf’s most famous putter – Little Ben.

The Titleist Years

In 1994, following a heated bidding war for his services, Cameron signed on with Acushnet, and he’s been producing putters for Titleist under his name ever since. He opened the Scotty Cameron Putter Studio in 1996 to take apart and analyze putters and putting strokes, and from that research would come the 2003 line of Futura model mallet putters that, as the name implies, were whole other animals from the classic blades of Cameron’s youth.

Futura X7 and X7M Models

This month, Titleist is issuing the newest and most technologically advanced Futura model putters, the X7 and the X7M. They’re essentially the same beast except the X7M boasts a stainless steel bar at the back to provide even more of that elusive MOI – stability at the “moment of inertia” that sends the ball rolling straight and true.

The X7 mallet is a metallurgic blend of lightweight aluminum and stainless steel to give the putter just the right heft while maintaining a buttery soft feel at impact. The clubhead is a full 10 percent larger than its predecessors, with a correspondingly more generous sweet spot. In addition to the standard models, the X7M is available with Dual Balance, which is an extra 50 grams added to the clubhead and 50 more in the grip end of the club to promote an even smoother, surer stroke.

Even after 40 years in the putter design game Cameron can still discover new tricks. After hearing from some touring pros that the declining angle of the late day sun can at times cast a shadow on the alignment line of the putter, he picked up the vertical line from the Futura X7 and deposited it higher up on the mallet. He’s also elongated the combination of horizontal and vertical sight lines, ensuring you’re never squinting to find those alignment aids.


Will You Hole More Putts with the Futura X7 Line?

Who can say? Arnold Palmer, considered among the boldest and best putters of his day, famously herded some 3,000 putters in his day in search of a “magic wand.” Great putter designers can only fiddle with so much – the weight, the balance, the feel.

Cameron appears to have reached his ultimate presentation with the Futura X line. The X7 incorporates the same wing-backed design as the Futura X5 putter, only slightly larger with more space-age metals churning around inside. The “bar-back” X7M juggles the weight and sightlines, but retains the same confidence inspiring head shape. If you are already wielding an X5 with good results you probably won’t be rushing out for an upgrade. If you haven’t yet joined the cult of Scotty Cameron it could be time to discover what all the fuss is about.

The new Scotty Cameron Futura 7 line is available now in the following aforementioned models:


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