How do you use a golf rangefinder?

Golf rangefinders have helped many high-handicap and intermediate golfers effectively determine their position from the pin for decades. Rangefinders utilize laser technology to accurately measure distance from the device to the intended target in the shortest amount of time possible.

Most golf rangefinders today come in an over-under monocular form, meaning the lens that the golfer looks through to locate the target is actually above the distance-measuring device on the bottom.

So how is a golf rangefinder used?

  1. Locate the target.

    When measuring distances on the golf course, the target is usually the pin on the green, although any distance from the golfer to a particular point can be measured. After powering the device on, look through the magnified optics to determine where the pin or target is.

  2. Take a measurement.

    Once you have located the intended target, press the designated button on your golf rangefinder to shoot a laser beam toward the target, which allows the rangefinder to take an accurate measurement of the distance between yourself and your target.

  3. Observe.

    As soon as your golf rangefinder determines the distance measured, it will be displayed through the viewfinder on your device. If an error occurred while the measurement was taken, then your device should let you know that you’ll need to try again.

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