2015 Holiday Golf Gifts

Golfballs.com Gift Center - Golf Gifting Made Easy

Golfballs.com Gift Center – Golf Gifting Made Easy

There are as many directions to go with holiday gift giving for golfers as there are holes at Myrtle Beach. Let’s explore some of the possible strategies based on just how avid the golfer on your list happens to be:

Always Needed, Always Appreciated

Customized golf balls. Golfers who play just a few times a year or a few times a week are going to need golf balls. These days there are so many choices that you are going to have to sneak a peek into your player’s bag to find out their preferred brand and type of ball. Make the golf ball gift special with text personalization, monogrammed design or even a photo. You can also get ID-Align golf balls that not only serve as ball identification on the course, but as a playing aid to help visualize the line of putts on the green (it’s legal). And pair up the personalized golf ball with a matching divot tool and ball marker in a gift set.

Customized Golf Balls from Golfballs.com

Customized Golf Balls from Golfballs.com

Golf gloves. Even top of the line golf gloves wear out during the golf season (a glove is good for about 18 rounds), and your golfer will appreciate having a couple of spares in the bag. Eight out of ten golf gloves are white and most of the others have historically been black. It’s 2015, not 1975 – gravitate towards some of the brightly colored gloves that are now in the market.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Does your golfer enjoy working on the swing as much as playing? Consider some training aids to help them improve, like a hitting net that can be assembled and broken down in just a few minutes and used just about anywhere. Modern practice nets can be had for less than $100 and pop-up chipping baskets are available for less than half that price. Also consider lightweight fiberglass alignment rods that can be easily carried in a golf bag (but not used on the course) to reinforce the most basic fundamental of the swing – proper alignment to the target.

One of the most frustrating parts of golf is that lessons learned on the practice range do not always travel out to golf course. What better way to reinforce those lessons than to have a golf professional join the golfer on your list for a playing lesson on the course? Search around your area for professionals who offer their expert observations in the heat of battle. In addition to swing checks, a playing lesson will provide tips on shot strategy, golf course management and scoring tips. What gift can be more appreciated this holiday season than the gift of lower scores?

And when those low scores start coming those special golf balls are going to need a place of honor in the home. Display cabinets with distinguished mahogany wood finishes will show off dozens of golf balls on a wall or mantel. The cases can be found with glass doors for an extra touch of class.

And when all else fails check out the Holiday Gift Center, that contains 15 preloaded categories such as Best Sellers, The Tech Geek, Gifts under $50, The Avid Golfer and even TABASCO Brand Gifts.

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