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Free Golf Tournament Registration Form Template

When planning a golf tournament, using a registration form is essential. This gives sponsors and teams a place to sign up for your event. With our downloadable registration form, you can customize your sponsorship levels, cost to participate, due dates and more!

Registration Form: What to Include?

When it comes time for players and sponsors to start registering for the event, it's important to include all of the tournament information they may need. To ensure you don't miss a beat, our customizable registration template has all necessary info to get you and your participants on the right track.

Our form includes:

  • Event date, time, place
  • Your organization's logo
  • Golf course logo
  • Contact information
  • Sponsorship level names & amounts
  • Tournament contests
  • Address form for sponsors and participants
  • Team registration fields
  • Team/Player fees
  • Extra sponsorship opportunities for players
  • Where payment check is a payable to
  • Registration fees

Registration Form Template

Registration Template

Download Word Document

Sample Registration Form

Download Word Document

Perks of Using a Registration Template

Using a template doesn't only save you time, it also relieves the stress of learning how to design and format a registration form. With our template, you get a form that is:

  • Formatted to fit a lot of information on one page
  • Clean & easy to read
  • Includes all commonly required information for tournament sign-ups

Additional Templates

Ensuring that your marketing materials are clean, consistent and easy to understand is essential when planning a golf tournament. In order to help with this effort, we've created two additional templates:

Our templates are designed to help you advertise, recruit, and keep your finances in order - all while maintaining a matching and professional look. Download the templates your tournament needs and customize as you wish. Before you know it, you'll be one step closer to hosting a successful and fun event!