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Golf Tournament Advertising

If you've ever organized a golf tournament before then you know that advertising is a huge component of launching a successful event. Golf tournament advertising helps increase attendance, gain sponsorship attention, and best of all - raise more money for the cause or organization.

In order to ease this process, we've gathered affordable and easy-to-execute advertising methods that have been successful in the past. Learn more about the basics of effective golf tournament advertising and how they are applied.

Distribute Marketing Flyers

Distributing tournament flyers is an easy and effective way to locally advertise. Start with one of our three different customizable tournament flyer templates to keep advertisements clear and professional.

We provide flyer templates for:

  • Charity golf tournaments
  • Corporate golf events
  • Competitive golf tournaments

And because no events are identical, we've made sure all aspects of the flyers are completely customizable. Click on the link above to see for yourself.

Social Media & Golf Tournament Promotion

With the amount of free and popular social media apps available, it is a great tool to use when marketing an event. Depending on the type of golf tournament you are organizing (i.e charity golf event, competitive, team-building, etc), how to use these tools will differ. For the sake of this article, we listed general suggestions that can be applied to the majority of event types.

Create a Social Media Account

If you're planning your annual golf tournament marketing, creating social media accounts for the event itself is a good place to start. This will offer users a landing page to access all event details, as well as provide you with a vehicle to solely advertise the event.

Within posts, be sure to include:

  • Tournament details
  • Event setup
  • Prizes or games
  • Pictures from the event

The photos and details posted this year will also help when advertising for next year's tournament, as it shows how fun and successful the event was the previous year.

Crowd Source Social Media Accounts

The best way to increase social media reach is to take advantage of all the participating people and organizations with social media accounts. Instead of only posting on your own social media, reach out to the individuals who run the accounts for:

  • The tournament beneficiary
  • The charitable organization
  • Tournament sponsors
  • Event organizers
  • Well known participants

Once you're in touch, ask them to share a post or ad for the event. This will help to reach thousands of new eyes - giving your tournament the exposure it deserves.

Create Targeted Facebook Ads

If you're looking for an easy way to reach people outside of your network, targeted Facebook ads are a simple and effective way to accomplish that. Depending on the size of the campaign and the duration the ad is live, it can be an affordable way as well.

Facebook ads allow you to target based on geographical location and an interest in golf. By selecting those specific characteristics, you can promote your golf tournament to individuals most likely to attend.

Tournament Advertising on Social Media

When posting a social media campaign, be sure to only include high-level event information (i.e reasons for attending, date, cost, etc.) within the social post. The goal of a social media campaign should be to entice users to click on a link that offers more information about the event. In fact, according to a study by SproutSocial, posts that exceed certain character limits typically earn less engagement.

Suggested character limits:

  • Instagram - 138 to 150 characters
  • Facebook - 40 to 80 characters
  • Twitter - 71 to 100 characters

In the end, the main goal is to word your advertisements wisely. Keeping posts compact can improve clarity and increase user engagement - helping you to successfully market your tournament.

Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are an effective method of advertising for your tournament. However, when it comes time to find relevant email addresses, you may feel stuck. Have no fear! You are not alone in wanting this event to be a success, so be sure to ask for help.

Don't hesitate to:

  • Reach out to the organization's marketing team
  • Reach out to the charity's marketing team
  • Solicit emails from guests at related events

Once you've collected email lists and recruited a team to help with the campaign itself, the next step is to develop the email campaign content. Though the copy will change based on the tournament's goals and tone, it must involve the following elements:

  • Compelling introduction (why does this organization or charity matter?)
  • All event details (date, time, location, etc.)
  • Event highlights (what will be offered?)
  • How to buy tickets

If this information is successfully communicated, it will be difficult to not peak interest.

Marketing Your Golf Tournament

Marketing your golf tournament can take on many different forms. Whether you distribute flyers, start a social media campaign, launch an email campaign, or discover a new tournament advertisement idea, it all adds up to the same goal - getting people to your event. As long as you keep your content relevant and compelling, you will be on your way to a successful event.