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Ideas for Golf Tournament Prizes and Gifts

Golf tournament gifts are an important element for a successful competition and a fantastic way to show appreciation to those who gave their time and donations to the event. There are various types of prizes or gifts available to give to golfers, including goodie bags, special contest prizes, raffle gifts and tournament winner prizes. Each type of giveaway requires a different level of prize quality depending on the event. Golf prizes and gifts should be based on participation level, donation amounts and the preferences of the attendees. Below are some ideas and best practices for tournament prizes that ensures a successful event for years to come.

Golf Giveaways and Goodie Bags

Giveaway and goodie bags are typically handed out when players first arrive at the tournament. It's a quick and easy way to say, "thanks for coming" and can set an expectation for even better gifts throughout the event. Goodie bags are perfect to attract players regardless of skill level, as not every golfer expects to win the top prize.

Choosing Golf Goodie Bag Items

Typically, these giveaways are smaller and less expensive than other types of prizes, so there's no need to make goodie bags a significant portion of your prize budget. When selecting items to include, prioritize golf specific gifts over others, as it is easier to please participants with items they could stick in their bags and use in future games. Some great options for a golf goodie bag would be: a sleeve of quality golf balls, a package of tees, ball markers or golf towels. It is generally considered a good idea to include several items in a bag instead of using your budget on a single, more expensive item. This is to make sure the golf giveaway bags please most of the tournaments participants.

Custom Logo and Branded Products

By adding custom logos to these products, they act as a fun keepsake from the event and help players remember your specific tournament and the companies that helped sponsor it. By including branded items in a giveaway bag, this gives sponsors an opportunity to contribute their own products which reduces cost. When adding a custom logo for the event, be sure to use subtle and tasteful branding. Most companies that offer custom logo design and imprinting have staff on hand that can ensure a high quality and professional looking product.

Golf Tournament Raffle Ideas and Prizes

Holding a raffle at a golf tournament is a great way to motivate sign ups or donations, as well as include non-golfer attendees. Raffle prizes are the perfect opportunity to have items donated by sponsors. Consider asking local upscale restaurants and businesses for gift cards. Cigar boxes and bottles of wine also make great raffle prizes. Other options are: free round(s) of golf at the participating course or a high-end set of clubs. Many golfers are sports fans in general, so signed memorabilia or tickets to games are perfect for attendees.

Making Golf Raffles a Success

The secret to ensuring your golf tournament raffle is successful lies within the planning and organization. Make sure to assemble your prizes before selling the raffle tickets. A nice list of potential prizes can go a long way with helping to advertise the event and sell tickets. Start selling raffle tickets well before the start of the event or tournament for maximum exposure. This makes sure that a last-ditch effort to fund the raffle prizes won't be necessary!

When it comes to finding prospective raffle buyers, have volunteers or tournament workers first sell to people they know including friends, family and co-workers. Next, try to coordinate raffle advertising efforts with the course or country club where the event is being held. Additionally, local golf Facebook groups and business organizations are great options to find golfers interested in prizes and competition. If you are having sponsors contribute to the prizes, don't be afraid to reach out to them for additional exposure.

Golf Tournament Winner Prizes

  • Gifts should be appropriate for entry fee and level of play
  • Don't give out a putter for longest putt, or a driver for longest drive
  • Funny gift idea: tennis racquets to last place team
  • Trophies are nice, but shouldn't be the only prize

Winner prizes should also be a serious consideration for your event. This includes items for the team that wins a Scramble, or prizes for special contests such as a longest drive competition.

When choosing the gifts, they should be appropriate based on both the entry fee and level of competition. If attendees paid a $50 to enter the tournament, a $50 Amazon gift card for 1st prize means they probably won't leave the competition feeling like a winner. In a similar vein, a mid-range putter is not the appropriate prize for the winner of a putting competition, as they probably own something of higher quality. While most winners will appreciate a golf tournament trophy to remember an enjoyable event, this should not be the only prize, especially for higher end events. For tournament contestants with a good sense of humor, tennis racquets or golf lessons can be a fun prize for the last place team.

We're Happy to Help

Assembling a collection of golf tournament giveaways and prizes to attract participants may seem like the most challenging part of organizing an event. However, by leveraging local businesses and choosing the right items that please a wide variety of attendants you can ensure success.