Ways to practice golf at home

How to Practice Golf at Home

Your golf bag is packed, your gear is all set, and your clubs are sporting their new headcovers. There’s just one problem, and it’s one that you don’t notice until you swing open the front door: It’s pouring outside.

This isn’t just a passing shower, either. The rain is set in, and the round of golf that you’ve been looking forward to all week has been washed away in a torrential downpour that’s showing no signs of letting up.

It’s understandable to be discouraged when your round has been called for inclement weather, but there’s no need to put your clubs up just yet. There are still several ways that you can get in some valuable indoor golf practice – all while staying out of the weather and in the comfort of your own home.

Indoor Practice Golf Balls

If there is one thing that is ill-advised when practicing golf indoors, it’s the thought of taking a full swing at a regulation golf ball; practicing like that can only lead to broken windows, bruised body parts, and divorce papers.

Luckily there are indoor practice golf balls that are available today that will allow you to get in some much-needed practice indoors, all while keeping your marriage intact.

The most common indoor practice golf balls are perforated products. These hollow balls are made of lightweight plastic and are perforated to catch air and reduce ball flight, making them perfect for practicing your short game in confined spaces.

If you’re looking for golf balls that will soften the blow of any wayward shots while you’re still getting the feel for how to practice golf at home, then consider polyurethane foam practice balls. These soft balls come in a variety of fluorescent colors, are dimpled for realism, and are great for any golfer that may be concerned about the surrounding breakables in the house while getting in his or her indoor practice.

Of course, nothing beats the sound of that regulation golf ball “CRACK!” as soon as your clubface makes contact with the ball. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds – safety and feel – then you may consider a hybrid practice golf ball. These types have soft foam exteriors that provide protection should they inadvertently make contact with the fine china, while their hard inner cores produce a distinctive sound and feel that’s characteristic of regulation golf balls.

Indoor Golf Mats for Practice

If you’re going to practice golf at home, then you’re going to want something to train with – and we don’t mean the living room carpet. There are several types of indoor golf training aids and mats available that will save your floors while providing a surface that’s comparable to the real deal.

Artificial turf practice mats have been around for years, and are the standard for any golfer that’s looking for a durable surface on which to practice their swing. Many of these products come with rubber tees that are removable and replaceable, so that you can attempt anything from your drives to your chip shots.

Artificial turf practice mats may seem like standard equipment, but many today utilize state-of-the-art technology that can take your game to the next level. Several practice mats on the market today are actually golf simulators: artificial turf with infrared sensors that are built-in to detect information about your swing and relay it to an on-screen display. It’s the closest a golfer can get to being on the golf course without ever leaving the house!

If you want to improve your golf game, then it’s going to take practice. Odds are you can’t spend all day on the range working with your drivers, irons and wedges, so you’ll have to consider improving your game elsewhere. That’s why it’s important for you to invest in some suitable equipment and exercise your craft at home. Adding plenty of indoor practice golf balls and the right mat to your indoor equipment collection will allow you to get in the extra training hours that you need to better your game and lower your score, rain or shine.

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