Top Four Golf Tournament Themes

Golf tournament themes are an easy way to add new elements to your advertising, incentivize guests to attend and to increase the fun with decorations and costumes. To offer some inspiration, we've outlined 4 amazing golf tournament theme types that are certain to attract more guests and increase interest in your event!

Awareness Themes

Charity golf tournaments typically aim to help spread awareness of their cause. If this describes your event, then an awareness theme is a great way to blend your charity's mission with the tournament itself. One approach is to incorporate the color associated with the awareness effort into your tournament's design. For example, use the color pink for breast cancer awareness or red for AIDS and HIV awareness. Below is a list of common ways you can incorporate your organization's awareness color into event planning.

  • Incorporate your charity's colors into tournament decor, food and advertising
  • Get golf balls or accessories with your charity's logo or color.
  • Order shirts for players in charity's color
  • Include the colored ribbon in all advertising

By creating an awareness-based theme, it's a great opportunity to educate people who are unaware of the cause, as well as connect with people who are impacted by it. If done correctly, this can lead to additional support and attendance for your golf tournament.

Time Period Themes

An easy way to infuse an element of fun into your golf tournament is to choose a theme based on a decade or time period! No matter what period you choose to celebrate, you can use it to influence costumes, music, advertising, food and more. And if you want to include some of your organization's history, choose a time period that nods to something relevant in the organization - such as the year they opened or another meaningful date.

For more inspiration, check out our list of popular period themes below:

  • 1920's Theme - incorporate 20's style with flapper girls and songs from the 20's
  • Doo Wop Theme - throw back to the 50's with poodle skirts and Elvis
  • 60's Theme - tie dye it up with hippy clothing and peace signs
  • 80's Theme - incorporate acid wash clothing, music from Bon Jovi, and big hair

Seasonal Themes

The creation of a seasonal theme for your golf tournament is a perfect way to frame it as a seasonal activity in addition to a sporting event. So no matter if a guest is a golfing expert, or just wants to participate in the festivities, your tournament can be fun for the whole family. With most tournaments held between May and October, there are plenty of opportunities to use seasonal holidays as your event's theme. Get inspiration from our list of potential options below!

  • Cinco De Mayo - use Mexican party decor and serve up Mexican food and margaritas
  • Summer Solstice - celebrate summer with all of the classics like popsicles and beach decor
  • Independence Day - show some American pride and go red, white & blue for your event
  • Halloween Theme - get festive with bales of hay, jack-o-lanterns and costume contests

One-off Themes

Uncommon and unique themes can be an effective way to stimulate interest in a golf tournament. However, with so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming. Here are a few of the most popular golf tournament themes we've encountered:

  • Country Western
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Outer Space
  • Pirate Theme

Though there are seemingly endless choices, it is best practice to stay away from delicate subjects like politics, cultural issues, and religion when choosing your theme. This eliminates the chance of offending any potential attendees, sponsors or guests.

Choosing the Right Theme for You

No matter what golf tournament theme you choose, it's important to pick the one that will bring in the most amount of guests to your event. Whether it is a theme for awareness, a seasonal event, a one-off or decade theme, the key is to use it to help build excitement and fun for potential attendees. If you keep your audience in mind, your theme is sure to help make your tournament an even bigger success!

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