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How to Fundraise

If you can count a competitive spirit and a giving nature among your good fortune, you might feel compelled to combine them to benefit a cherished cause. Athletic endeavors make for great occasions to generate fun and fundraising, with golf being a leader in ways to generate money for causes. However, simply going gaga over the game and a chance to cheer for friends will not guarantee financial success at the event; therefore, before everyone can shout "Fore," here is a course of action to take when planning a charity golf tournament.

Tee Time

Give yourself considerable time, perhaps up to six months, to plot your venture. Many events are even planned over a year in advance. That allotment will help you to secure a course, discuss the distribution of revenue with the board, and land your backers. According to, golf gatherings average $5,000 in profit, so a solid location and a plethora of sponsors will help you to lead the links as a great charity event organizer.


No matter your history with planning events and festivities, you cannot rely on your independent personality to encourage the accumulation of funds. Acquaintances are key to keeping the momentum going, especially with respect to finding sponsors.


Offer value to your potential sponsors. Show them how participating in your event will help their organization.

Also, given that you will be thinking of partnerships immediately, don't discount the lesser-known businesses and organizations. Choosing an eager, smaller business might make your outreach easier, as smaller and local businesses tend to resonate well with many people.

Promotional Partnerships - Social Media

While your sponsors will be a godsend, your ambitious attitude will turn out to be the icing on the cake. You and your volunteers should look to publicize your brainchild every chance you can, primarily through social media. Thanks to its events page creation function, Facebook would "like" the opportunity to let everyone know not just the details of the event but also about its contests, auctions, and raffles to draw more people in. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are also good social media outlets that can be utilized to promote your tournament.

Preserving the Moment with Donations

Witnessing the joy on the faces of your charity's overseers will no doubt delight you, but you should consider chronicling the 18 holes through photo and video coverage. Finding a sponsor in each of these fields is your best bet. Then you can offer photos or videos of players for a donation.

Rewards for Helpers

Helping others and spending time for a cause they believe in can fill people with a sense of accomplishment. Those accomplishments shouldn't go unnoticed. Be sure to give all sponsors and volunteers personalized gifts that they can wear or display that show the charities appreciation but also give the event advertising.

Keep It Simple

While you might have moments where you ponder your sanity in having taken on this challenge, aligning yourself with those who have a similar commitment to the needs of the less fortunate makes it all worth it. Happy planning and playing!

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