Golf Tournament Fundraiser Ideas

Since the goal of any charity event is to raise money, it's important to have a set of golf tournament fundraiser ideas to consider when planning your tourney. Of course ticket sales and sponsorships lay the foundation, but applying a little creativity can really make a charity golf event shine.

Including a set of fun golf tournament games and hacks throughout the event will not only keep participants engaged but can add up quickly to the benefit of the sponsored organization. Typically these activities range from for-pay side games to benefits within the competition.

To give you some inspiration, we've prepared a set of games for golf tournament fundraisers to help make your event a successful one.

Putting Contest

Everyone knows how to putt a golf ball, so a putting contest is a fun tournament contest in which everyone can play. To keep tournament play moving, it's wise to host this charity challenge before or after the event. Generally a putting challenge can be judged based on being closest to the hole or how many strokes the participant needs to sink the ball.

We've found that a successful putting contest needs:

  • A challenging putt
  • A clear cost to participate
  • Incentives for the winner

With the right amount of promotion before and during the event, this has always proven to be a successful fundraising activity for golf tournaments.

Hole In One Contest

Getting a hole in one for most golfers is like hitting the lottery, so hosting a Hole In One Contest is an attractive option for players that enjoy gambling. While prizes can range from a bragging rights to a free round of golf or golf equipment, this fundraising game can take on a life of its own when a large cash prize is offered. It's not unheard of for golf tournament hole in one contests to have a $10,000 prize.

Since a winning prize could wipe out the proceeds from the entire event, organizers should consider Hole in One insurance. That way the event can eliminate the financial risk and generate significant benefit by running the contest.

Selling Mulligans on the Course

Casual golfers make a lot of mistakes, so selling mulligans is an effective way to raise money for the charity. Essentially a "do-over," a Mulligan allows the participant to make another shot if they are dissatisfied with their first attempt. Of course Mulligans are not accepted under the official rules of golf, but they are great golf tournament fundraising ideas.

Beat the Pro

Since regular golfers are often curious about how their game may compare to a Pro, Beat the Pro is an easy fundraising opportunity that many enjoy. This game requires the participation of an area professional golfer. Although there are several variants to this side game, a common method includes the following steps:

  • The goal is for participants to beat the pro (Longest Drive, Closest to the Hole, etc.)
  • The pro is stationed in one location (Tee, Bunker, Green)
  • Players wager they can beat the pro - winners double their money (2:1)
  • Have a volunteer assist
  • Hold the contest on a Par 3 (short) hole

If the pro golfer excels during tee off, then this contest is not only a great way to raise extra money but also a fun way to enhance the competition! And if you don't have any pro golfers in your network, reach out to the golf course for some help.

Off-Course Fundraising Ideas

Hosting tournament side games to raise money will likely be the most productive, but don't forget the off-the-course crowd! The audience can be a great way to generate charitable donations. Here are just a few golf tournament fundraising ideas geared to the non-player participant:

  • Chinese Auction - offer donated equipment & prizes
  • 50/50 Raffle - participants donate for the chance to win half the pot
  • Guessing Game - sell chances to win prizes (i.e. how many golf balls are in a jar, etc.)
  • Tournament Merchandise Sales

The Right Fundraising Ideas for Your Tournament

Needless to say, there are many ways to increase donations for a charity golf tournament. In fact, our list has only scratched the surface!

The important thing to remember is to choose ideas, games or contests that fit your event. For smaller events keeping it simple is important, while those that are using a tournament theme, or specific playing format may want to integrate elements of those details into their fundraising plan.

No matter what you choose, the main goal is to host a fun tournament while raising money for a charity you care about!

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