How Can I Protect My Golf Clubs?

There’s nothing quite like the sound of driver clubheads banging against one another in the backseat of a car; sending cringes up golfers’ spines with each clank of metal-on-metal at every sharp turn in the road. Golf clubs don’t deserve this kind of abuse, but many golfers fail to take golf club protection seriously, usually right up until one of their own clubs becomes damaged, broken and unusable.

Golf club protection is crucial to maintaining your valuable equipment. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to backslide in this department, trusting your precious drivers to a set of covers you found at a neighborhood yard sale. Luckily, there are several quick fixes for this protective issue that will give you the peace of mind you need before heading to the golf course.

After all, your mind should be focused on your golf game, not your golf clubs rattling around in the golf cart.

Golf Headcovers

Your golf headcovers are your primary line of defense against scuffs, dings and dents in all of your golf clubs. Given their hollow, lightweight construction, most golfers are already aware that their drivers and woods should have golf headcover protection, yet many golfers fail to take the protection of their clubs seriously. Fortunately, golf headcovers come designed to fit any club you can put into a golf bag; from your long irons all the way to your putter and wedges. If you’ve got a golf club that needs protection, you’re sure to find several golf headcover styles and types to fit just the club you’re shopping for.

Golf Bags

If golf headcovers are like helmets for your clubs, then golf bags are the reinforced steel cages, designed to protect from outside elements and unpredictable weather. Finding the right golf bag is crucial to the maintenance of your golf clubs, so remember to look for the following essential features:

  • Padded club dividers to provide protection between clubs that will help keep your shafts and clubheads scuff-free
  • Sturdy, recessed bottoms that will protect your club grips from the ground
  • Cart bags that have secure cart strap systems to ensure clubs stay put on the cart path
  • Carry bags that have reinforced leg brackets to keep your clubs upright on the course

Today’s golf bags are designed to combine lightweight construction with durable shelter for all of your golf clubs and accessories. While finding the right golf bag will ensure that your equipment has a solid basis for outer defense, there are still other accessories you can rely on to provide further protection from regular wear.

Golf Club Protection Accessories

One of the most popular forms of protection for golf bags and equipment for PGA Tour pros are golf bag travel covers. These versatile travel covers are an integral piece of defensive equipment for professional golfers who are constantly traveling and putting their golf clubs through the wear and tear that comes with a hectic playing schedule. Golf bag travel covers are a perfect fit for your longest clubs, come with padded linings to protect your sticks, and boast high impact bottoms that protect the base of your set. These covers are the perfect solution for serious golfers on the go.

If you’re looking to protect your clubs from all that Mother Nature has to throw at them while still retaining easy access, consider a golf umbrella. Today’s golf umbrellas are designed to protect clubs from nasty downpours as well as UV rays, covering your clubs without restricting your ability to grab them and go. Most golf umbrellas can also be attached to the top of your golf bag, giving you a hands-free option so you don’t have to worry about your wavering arm struggling to keep both yourself and your clubs dry during a rainstorm.

And who can go without a good golf towel? Golf towels do more than just keep your clubs looking polished and clean, and can have a huge effect on your game. Today’s performance golf towels remove harmful dirt and grit that wears away grooves and affect clubface integrity over time. Options like microfiber polishing towels will do all this while giving your clubs a smooth, polished shine. Golf towels will also help you keep your clubs dry in between strokes, ensuring that you’re making solid contact with the ball without worrying about it slipping off the clubface.

Golf club protection is a lot like insurance: many golfers don’t even think about it until their game is affected. Golf club headcovers are a fun and affordable way to maintain your clubs, while the right golf bags give players peace of mind while using their clubs out on the course. Traveling players should consider a reputable golf bag travel cover to protect their precious investments when on the go. And last but not least, always have a good golf towel and a trusty umbrella on standby for those pop-up afternoon showers. Follow these steps and you’ll rest easy knowing that wherever you take your clubs, they’ll be properly protected.

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