What are the Best Golf Clubs for Seniors?

As a senior golfer, you’ve been around the course a time or two. You’ve honed your skills while perfecting your craft through the years with dedication and hard work that has paid off each time you turn in your scorecard.

Recently, however, you’ve noticed some slight changes in your game. Your driver distance is suffering, your irons are falling short, and your overall short game is suffering. Don’t worry; aging doesn’t have to lead to higher scores. However, it’s probably time to consider trading in some of the go-to sticks that have been in your golf bag for years for a new set of clubs – clubs that are better suited for senior play.

Let’s go over some of the things that you need to know when deciding on what the best golf clubs for seniors are, as well as what to look for when deciding on the pieces that are right for you.

2 Key Elements of Good Golf Clubs for Seniors

If you’re going to continue to play golf, then you’re going to have to adapt to the physical changes that your body goes through with each passing year. Just like one wouldn’t expect a 21-year-old professional golfer to use a set of senior clubs on Tour, older golfers shouldn’t expect to be able to use the same clubs that they played with when their swing speeds were much faster – unless posting higher scores isn’t important.

  1. Senior clubs get the ball up. When you get older, your swing speed tends to slow down. That’s why the primary goal of clubs for older golfers is to get the ball up and away toward the intended target. Senior golf club sets tend to boast higher lofts and lower centers of gravity than their regular counterparts, adding distance to each and every swing.
  2. Senior clubs have more flexible shafts. The flex of your golf club shaft plays a crucial role in your game, and if the bend of the shaft that you’re using doesn’t match up to your swing speed, then the results are going to be detrimental to your game. Higher swing speeds tend to require stiffer shafts to ensure that the clubface is square with the ball upon impact, with slower swing speeds benefiting the most from the flexibility that is afforded in many senior golf clubs.
  3. Senior clubs are more forgiving. That’s because the best golf clubs for seniors utilize a larger sweet spot thanks to weight that’s distributed around the outer perimeter of the clubface. This creates a striking surface that will allow more off-center shots to be rewarded with good hits, making for a club that’s more forgiving than a forged iron that allows little room for error.

If this equipment is vastly different than your current golf clubs, we recommend scheduling a training session with the course’s instructor who can show you how to make the most of your new clubs to better your game.

Club Recommendations

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