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Golf Tournament Sponsorship Ideas

When planning a charity golf tournament, gaining sponsorship is critical for throwing a successful, lucrative event. And with much of the difficulty lying in attracting sponsors, it's important to offer sponsorship opportunities that will peak interest and inspire donations.

In our experience, the best way to generate interest is to create sponsorship ideas that translate into visibility for your sponsor's organization. This will incentivize them to donate and help boost your fundraising dollars! To offer some inspiration, we've listed several golf tournament sponsorship ideas that we know have worked in the past. Read on to see if these would work for your event!

Note: These golf tournament sponsorship ideas can be incorporated into your sponsorship levels on your registration form.

Sponsoring a hole is a classic fundraising idea that allows you and your sponsors to take advantage of the 18 holes on the course. Each hole is a great opportunity to maximize sponsor visibility. To start, all you have to do is determine the value of a hole on your course, and set the price. From there, it's easy.

How it works:

  • An organization sponsors a hole for your tournament
  • Have the company's logo and name printed clearly on flags or signs
  • Place the signage up at a hole for all participants and attendees to see

Sponsoring a hole is typically a less expensive option and can be a great advertisement offering for sponsors who want to contribute a smaller amount.

Sponsorship Swag

Commonly golf tournaments give participants an assortment of keepsakes and prizes from the event, which offers some great sponsorship opportunities. Event swag can come in many forms in a variety of price ranges. Since sponsors value the ability to clearly communicate their brand, some of the most popular tournament giveaways we see are:

Whatever's chosen, the visibility of sponsor information must be the number one priority. If the finished product looks good, it will reflect well on the sponsor and the tournament.

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Social Media Sponsorship

When a sponsor agrees to donate, their main goal is typically to reach new audiences and customers in return for donating. An easy and free way to do that is to advertise them on social media. This can be included in one of your sponsorship levels, or become an independent opportunity.

The following list offers a few ideas on how to infuse social media into your sponsorship offerings that will add value and increase sponsor visibility:

  • Write a promotional blog post for the event
  • Offer a certain amount of mentions on Twitter
  • Advertise sponsor swag on social media

Using social media is a free way to not only give your sponsors recognition, but also to get more attention for your tournament. This could help increase your tournament's attendance, and therefore, help you reach your fundraising goals!

Choosing Opportunities for Your Sponsors

No matter what event sponsorship ideas you come up with, the important thing is to remember who your sponsors are. Take into consideration what you'd want as a business owner, and try to incorporate that into your offerings. The ideas listed above have worked well in the past, but are only a fraction of what can be successful for your event. By applying a little creativity and aligning promotional opportunities with your prospective sponsor's needs, your golf tournament is sure to meet or exceed expectations.