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Saying Thank You

It might seem like a small thing, but saying thank you is important. Your attendees, sponsors, and volunteers invested a lot into your event and a simple act of courtesy goes a long way. Showing appreciation will make them feel good about your event and improves the chance they'll come back next time. How you thank participants is up to you and what resources you have available. Some of the most popular options include:


Bulk thank you messages are a simple way to thank event supporters. Easy and inexpensive, you can send the same thank you note to everyone. Because every letter or email is the same, your organization can show their appreciation while keeping costs and time spent to a minimum.


A semi-custom thank you note helps create a stronger connection with participants. You can choose how personalized each message will be. Create a different letter for attendees, sponsors, and volunteers. While not quite as cost-effective as a bulk message, the personal touch can mean a lot to participants.


Custom thank you notes might require more time, but that doesn't mean they have to be more expensive. For brands hoping to leave a positive impression, however, writing a personal message is worth the time. You earn loyal customers by showing you care, and a thank you note accomplishes that.


Creating a video can be an effective approach to thank supporters and promote your cause or brand. From an online slideshow to a video recorded on the green, making a video is sure to create a lasting impression. Not only will your video be well-received by participants, but they might share it on social media as well, improving the reach of your brand.


Thank you gifts are among the most popular items given during a golf tournament and can include everything from custom logo golf balls for event participants to a personalized golf bag for sponsors. Giving gifts can incur a cost, but many tournament organizers find that these items keep the name of the event in the mind of participants for months and years to come.