Golf Tournament Signs

After spending months planning your event, you cannot forget one of the most important parts- marketing your event with golf tournament signage and highlighting your sponsors thoughtfully and effectively. The following contains ideas to help organize the golf tournament signs needed for your tournament.

Signage before the Event

Depending on your relationship with the club who is hosting your tournament, it may be possible to create signage promoting your event in advance. Even in a location like the pro-shop, signage can help draw in more participants who were previously unaware of your event.

Don't Get Lost!

Many times people participating in your event may not be familiar with the course layout or even know where the clubhouse is! Having adequate signage is a must to prevent delayed start times and missing players. At a minimum, having signage for the clubhouse and registration is necessary to help direct participants to the appropriate starting location.

Leading the Pack

Another sign that is useful is a leaderboard. This is updated throughout the day from people on the course. It helps keep nonparticipants engaged in the game without having to text their friends or loved ones constantly for updates. A few members of your event staff can also be tasked with reporting scores to the leaderboard throughout the day.

Sponsorship Flags/Signs

Making sure you properly recognize your sponsors is of vital importance when throwing a tournament. Signage should be placed at each hole that is sponsored and should list the sponsor's information. Additionally, sponsors can appear on golf balls, golf tees or any gifts or merchandise for the event. If you have volunteers at your event, you can also have sponsors listed on their shirts, as well as player's shirts or hats.

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