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Asking For Feedback

Getting feedback from supporters is critical to understanding how participants felt about your event, but also what to improve for next time. Like thank you cards, there's a few ways to get feedback. Which option works best for you depends on your time, resources, and what you want to learn. Here's a few suggestions on how you can maximize the value of what you learn:

Ask Shortly After the Event

Don't wait for the details of the day to fade from memory, ask participants about their experience as quickly as possible. An easy way to do this is by sending a survey directly to their phone or email. Tools like SurveyMonkey help you create a web-based questionnaire in a few minutes. Alternatively, a self-addressed, stamped post card can be included in the tournament gift bag at the start of the event.

Make It Short

Short surveys are much more likely to be filled out. The rule of thumb for tournament organizers is to keep surveys to less than 10 questions. If you make the quiz too long, people might not take it.

Keep It Simple

Asking simple questions will encourage survey completion. Stick to simple multiple choice or numeric rating questions and avoid open-ended question or those that require a free-text field.

Segment by Group

Since every group of supporters may have different needs, it's best to tailor questions to their experiences. While attendees often focus on the event, exposure is often top-of-mind for sponsors, and volunteers focus on the cause. As a result, surveying each group with an emphasis on their specific area of interest is likely to provide more valuable feedback.