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Logo Golf SpinMARK Divot Tool
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Logo Golf LogoAuthorized Dealer

Logo Golf SpinMARK Divot Tool

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Product Description


Welcome to SpinMARK™. A simple product guaranteed to enhance your golfing experience. SpinMARK™ is a revolutionary, ball marker and game system in one. The patented SpinMARK™ Ball Marker, with its unique “Nubbed” edges offers the following game enhancement features:

Product Features:

Randomly Selects Partners -- This is where the true SpinMARK™ game system begins. The completely random (copyrighted) numbering system on the ball marker ensures that partners can be chosen with total randomness (Even/Odds)

Determines Order of Play -- The SpinMARK™ ball marker can be flipped at the beginning of a game or during “Best Ball” tournaments to determine order of play. No more flipping tees!

Enhances Wagers -- This is where the SpinMARK™ game system gets really exciting. Adding the wager enhancement feature of SpinMARK™ to double, triple or even quadruple bets, can spice wagers up and provide a level of competition and excitement never seen before.
Dual Sided Logo -- Add a logo on both sides of a Ball Marker, especially a conversation piece like SpinMARK™ is the ultimate way to have and keep your logo visible!

Unique, Easily Identifiable Shape – easy to find in your pocket. “Nubs” also ensure correct alignment in the SpinMARK™ Divot Tool so that logos are always clearly visible and correctly aligned.

PPT Technology

Push-Pull Technology (PPT) is a quantum leap forward in divot tool design. PPT Enabled Divot Tools, provide "A clear and unobstructed view of both sides of the Ball Marker" to quote one of the claims from our patent filing. What this means to you is divot tools that permit ball markers to be dual logoed and clearly visible on both sides.

Available in two designs. A "Push" design that uses either a 360-degree "Ring" magnet or a "Pull" design where the ball marker is securely enclosed within the outer perimeter opening in the divot tool and held in place by a magnet concealed within the divot tool walls. The ball markers are removed by "Pulling" the ball marker up thru the opening in the top of the Divot Tool. PPT technology is available only from authorized distributors. All "PPT Enabled" Divot Tools are protected by utility patents pending!
  • PPT Design with Ring Magnet
  • Holds the revolutionary SpinMARK™ Ball Marker
  • Progressive Lift Leg for superior ball mark repair; Standard and Belt Clip version available
  • Production Time: 4-6 weeks from artwork approval.
  • Determines Order of Play, Randomly Selects Partners and Enhances Wagers

Product Reviews

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These Logo Divot Tools are Fantastic!
I called looking for the best golf logo divot tools I could get. Wes told me about this tool and how you could play golf and drinking games with the ball marker. I really appreciate the service and I love our tools.
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