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4 Yards More 2-3/4 Inch Tee - 4 CT

This item has been discontinued.
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Manufacturer Description

Robotic Swing Test

"4 Yards More" Golf Tee was tested by the Golf Laboratories, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Robotized swing testing, is the standard used in new product testing by the USGA. The "4 Yards More" Golf Tee outdistanced the standard wooden tee by an average of 3.9 yards.

The Practical Field Test

The Industrial Research Center in Glen Mills, PA conducted a field test of the "4 More Yards" Golf Tee vs. wooden tees at Honeybrook Golf Club in Pennsylvania.

Ten golfers of varying handicaps (male and female) and abilities hit the balls off wooden tees as well as the "4 More Yards" Golf Tee. The shots were measured and recorded by the research team. The "4 More Yards" Golf Tee outdistanced wooden tees overall by 4.2 yards.

  • Pack of 4.
  • "Standard Tee" the ideal choice for most drivers and driving woods.
  • Durable, lasts over 100 drives.
  • Flexible, six-prong tip reduces resistance and allows better contact.
  • First and only tee proven in both "Robotic" and "Field" tests to improve distance.

Avg Rating: 5.0 out of 5
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User Ratings & Reviews (2 Reviews)

Best Tee I have used
I am just stocking up on this tee design. I used the very same tee virtually the entire year for the 2014 season. Yes - that was a single tee for almost the entire year and I play twice a week. It never broke and I finally lost it at the end of the year. For something that works that well, I had to buy more.
Rudy Whitworth (Belleville, MI)
Handicap 10 - 15
These are great
Started using these last year. Have yet to lose one. Instead of breaking a tee on every drive, I now just pick it up and keep going. Can't say that it adds distance but its great stability on the tee.
Mike (Bismarck, ND)
Handicap 20-30

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