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Spring 2021Golf Equipment & Gear Buyer's Guide
Here you will find answers to common questions that many golfers have when choosing from the vast selection of different golf equipment out there. This guide should help you to understand the differences in technology to find the right fit for your golf game.

How Do Adjustable Golf Drivers Work?

In the past, whenever a golfer wished to adjust something in their driver, they had to purchase a whole new model or go to a professional to get it modified. With the invention of adjustable drivers and clubs, individuals can easily customize their clubs to better suit their swings and offset many errors that may occur.

Typically, the areas that allow for modifications on adjustable drivers are the shaft, the hosel and the head. These can in turn change the face angle, loft, and ultimately the ball flight.

Most of the modification in an adjustable driver occurs in the hosel. This small piece allows the golfer to adjust the loft and lie of the ball, and can in turn change the face angle and ball flight. Adjusting the loft gives you greater influence over your launch angle (the angle in which the ball releases off the club) and spin-rate (how fast the ball spins off impact). Being able to change the loft allows you to modify the club to fit the specific settings of the golf course. Do you need greater bounce to overcome a grassy hazard? Instead of having to switch out your club entirely, you can simply tweak the angle of the current clubface.

In the club head of adjustable drivers, there are often moveable weights which affect the center of gravity in the equipment and how it ultimately moves. This freedom can prevent golfers from hooking and slicing their ball, allowing for a more straight shot.

It's worth noting that adjustable drivers tend to run more expensive than their traditional counterparts. However, with the diverse capabilities of the modifiable gear, you can streamline your golf bag to carry less overall clubs. Here are some examples of some great adjustable drivers to consider:

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