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Spring 2019Golf Equipment & Gear Buyer's Guide

Here you will find answers to common questions that many golfers have when choosing from the vast selection of different golf equipment out there. This guide should help you to understand the differences in technology to find the right fit for your golf game.

What about wedges? Are 3 wedges enough, or do I need 4?

Because wedges, along with your putter, are your primary scoring clubs inside of 120 yards, you need to carry the number of wedges that give you the best opportunity to stop your ball within one-putt range. If the pitching wedge (PW) that comes with your set has 48° of loft, then a gap wedge (GW) of 52° or 53°, plus a sand wedge or lob wedge of 56°-58° should be all you need.

If, however, your PW is 45° or 46°, then you may benefit by adding 50°, 54°, and 58° wedges in order to assure consistent 4° gaps between each wedge. Keep in mind that the wedge game is primarily one of feel, and the best way to determine if three wedges will be enough, is to practice and play with three to see if you can cover all distances comfortably before you consider adding a fourth.