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Spring 2019Golf Equipment & Gear Buyer's Guide

Here you will find answers to common questions that many golfers have when choosing from the vast selection of different golf equipment out there. This guide should help you to understand the differences in technology to find the right fit for your golf game.

What golf ball is right for me?

To some golfers, finding the right ball is even more important than finding the right club. After all, different designs can provide varying benefits; some help you to achieve greater distances than you thought imaginable, while others will empower you to have increased control on the green. Considering the differing benefits available to you, strategy should be employed when choosing the correct golf ball.

Understand that there are two main categories of balls; 2-piece and multi-layers. The former are the most common type, and are designed for distance. These types of balls consist of two components: the inner core and the outer layer. The inner core is solid rubber and gives the ball a lot of velocity off the face of the club. The outer layer is usually made of a firm Surlyn material, an extremely durable and hard material that withstands damage better but offers less feel.

You may want to consider a 2-piece ball if you have a slower swing speed. In order to stay competitive, its important to cover a respectable amount of yards during the opening drive, so a ball designed for distance will help make up for the deficit. To top it off, these balls are engineered to provide a straight flight path for those who may struggle with staying on the fairway. 2-piece golf balls are also a solid option if you are shopping with a strict budget, as these products tend to run cheaper. Here are some notable 2-piece golf balls:

Multi-layer golf balls consist of 3-piece, 4-piece and even 5-piece constructions. A 3-piece design has a rubber core, a "mantle" layer which offers different spin speeds depending on the club you use, and then either a Surlyn layer or a softer urethane layer. These balls are usually best for those with faster swing speeds.

A 4-piece ball usually contains dual-core technology. There are two cores that provide low and high spins, depending on the club used. The dual-core is surrounded by a thin mantle layer, followed by a urethane outer layer.

Multi-layer balls are utilized by Tour pros for a reason; simply put, they provide better accuracy. That being said, just like any elite equipment, these products only make a difference if used properly. Therefore, beginners who have no intention of receiving instruction should not spend the extra dollars to obtain multi-layer golf balls. However, those with experience and strong swings who want precision when spinning and putting can benefit from multi-layer golf balls. Consider these 3- or- 4-piece golf balls: