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Summer 2021Golf Equipment & Gear Buyer's Guide
Here you will find answers to common questions that many golfers have when choosing from the vast selection of different golf equipment out there. This guide should help you to understand the differences in technology to find the right fit for your golf game.

Tips For Buying a Golf Cart

There's nothing quite like taking the time to walk the course during a round of golf. The still air carrying the songs of birds in the trees, the feel of the morning dew beneath your golf shoes, and the steady, relaxed pace that allows you to take in every sensation a day in the great outdoors bestows - including the one in your lower back that has suddenly turned your leisurely stroll into an aching struggle to make it back to the clubhouse.

Many golfers long for the days when they could carry their clubs for the entire stretch of the course, but have been forced to hitch a ride on a golf cart due to varying health issues and physical constraints.

Fortunately, golfers don't have to choose between hauling a heavy golf bag across the course and being chauffeured around on four wheels. Golf hand carts from top brands grant today's golfers a third option.

Golf hand carts - also known as push and pull golf carts - provide golfing enthusiasts with an excellent alternative to golf carts and shoulder straps. Push and pull golf carts offer the best of both worlds: the ability to walk the course, while furnishing a few extra wheels to help carry the load.

Golf hand carts aren't just one size fits all, as there are several makes and models available on the market today. So what exactly should you know before buying a push or pull golf cart?

Hand Pull Golf Carts

Pull golf carts have been on the market for years. As the name suggests, pull golf carts allow players to secure their clubs on a set of wheels for assistance with pulling the clubs along the course. When purchasing a model, you should consider the following options to determine what suits your particular needs best:

  • Wheel Count:

    Today's pull golf carts feature two or three wheels, but keep in mind that a higher wheel count doesn't mean better performance. When shopping for a pull cart, make sure you consider wheel diameter over wheel count. The bigger the wheels are, the better the cart will handle rough terrain and steep grades.

  • Brackets or Straps:

    When it comes to securing your golf bag to your cart, you have several options. Many entry-level pull golf carts come equipped with nylon straps to keep golf bags in place, while newer models supply adjustable brackets to lock your gear down. Whatever your choice is, be prepared to pay a little more for high-tech fastening.

  • Pull Cart Frame:

    You are going to be spending a lot of time pulling your golf cart behind you during your round, so you need to make sure that it's as light as a feather. When shopping for a new pull golf cart, make sure that the cart frame is made of high-quality aluminum. An aluminum golf cart frame will not rust, and will provide a tough, lightweight mode of transportation for all of your golf gear.

Hand Push Golf Carts

Push golf carts have grown very popular with golfers due to the golf hand cart's ergonomic function, portability, and the abundance of user-friendly features. If you are thinking about trading in your cart keys for a push golf cart, then consider the following:

  • Fold-Down Design:

    The last thing you want is another bulky piece of equipment you have to force into your car every time you hit the links. When shopping for a new push golf cart, look for models that feature fold-down designs. These carts should have simple-to-use latching systems that allow users to fold and unfold them with ease, making it a breeze to get them in and out of your vehicle.

  • Push Cart Handle:

    The push cart differentiates itself from golf pull carts by allowing players to walk behind the cart, pushing it along as they move forward. This basic feature reduces exertion by using the golfer's momentum to propel the cart, but stiff joints and sore muscles can still occur if you are forced to grasp the cart in an awkward position. No two players will hold a push cart handle alike, so make sure to consider a push golf cart with a handle latch that provides easily adjustable handle height to fit your specific needs.

  • Speed or Stability?

    Three-wheeled speed carts are popular versions of today's push golf carts, but while many speed carts feature hand-braking systems and locking wheels, some players still prefer the low-lying stability of a four-wheeled push golf cart. If you are looking to make tracks down the fairway, then a speed cart may be right up your alley. If a set of four wide-spaced wheels - providing greater stability without sacrificing mobility - sounds more your pace, then check out today's four-wheeled push golf carts.

If you are the type of golfer that enjoys walking the golf course, but could use a helping hand with the clubs, then consider buying a push or pull golf cart. There are a variety of options available for different models, including carts that feature umbrella mounts, smartphone holders, solid foam tires for rugged terrain, and stainless steel ball bearings that ensure rust-free function for years on end. Push and pull golf carts give players the ability to walk the course again, without the high cost of potential back problems - or caddies.

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