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Summer 2021Golf Equipment & Gear Buyer's Guide
Here you will find answers to common questions that many golfers have when choosing from the vast selection of different golf equipment out there. This guide should help you to understand the differences in technology to find the right fit for your golf game.

What is the difference between men's and women's golf bags?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game of golf is the ability players have to throw their own style and flair into the mix. Tour pros and amateurs alike can often be seen wearing flashy shirts and neon pants during special tournaments and events, all while sporting customized head covers on their woods and monogrammed stitching on their hats.

Customizing your own golf equipment and accessories is a great way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack, but oftentimes one essential piece of golf equipment is neglected: the golf bag. In fact, many intermediate players believe that any given golf bag is just like another, and there is no substantial difference between a men's golf bag and a women's golf bag.

The truth is that while the basic forms and functions of men's and women's golf bags are the same, the two pieces of golf equipment are as different as the sexes. If you're a female golf aficionado, then you're going to want a golf bag that represents your personality. If you're shopping for a golf bag for your significant other, than you don't want to equip your better half with a golf bag that's plain and impersonal.

Let's take a look at some of the basic differences between men's and women's golf bags so you'll know exactly what to look for the next time you're shopping for a women's golf bag.

Women's Golf Bags

There's more to noticing the differences between men's and women's golf bags than simply spotting a pink bag. Michelle Wie - the female golfing superstar and accomplished winner of 3 LPGA events - can always be seen sporting her personalized golf bag complete with a myriad of bright colors that fit her charming personality, as well as an array of features that supply her with everything she would ever need on the golf course.

Shopping for a ladies' golf bag is all about finding the perfect fit. There are several important features that you will want to keep in mind when picking out a women's golf bag.

  • Weight:

    Women tend to be smaller than their male counterparts, and ladies golf bag manufacturers have taken notice. Many of the women's bags available on the market today come in slightly smaller sizes than men's golf bags, and are designed to maintain structure while sporting lightweight, durable construction.

  • Storage:

    Storage options abound with ladies golf bags. Most women's golf bags available for purchase today have multiple storage pockets, including full-length apparel pockets, smaller external accessories pockets that are easy to get to, and internal velour or fleece-lined pockets for valuables like jewelry and watches. The storage options exclusive to ladies golf bags certainly have the needs of female golfers in mind.

  • Design:

    An obvious differentiator between men's and women's golf bags, the typical ladies golf bag boasts an elegant style that's reflective of the player's own personality and taste. Ladies golf bags come in a variety of different colors, patterns and designs, from solid pinks and violets, to feminine plaids and polka dots. The choices in women's golf bags that shoppers have today are endless.

If you thought the differences between men's and women's golf bags were only on the surface, then maybe it's time you took a closer look at the wide selection of ladies golf bags available on the market today. with lightweight construction, multiple storage options, and designs that are sure to satisfy any female golfer, you should have no problem finding the perfect ladies golf bag for today's more feminine players.

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