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Spring 2021Golf Equipment & Gear Buyer's Guide
Here you will find answers to common questions that many golfers have when choosing from the vast selection of different golf equipment out there. This guide should help you to understand the differences in technology to find the right fit for your golf game.

What are the main advantages of a carry (sometimes called stand) bag?

Carry bags are designed for lightweight use and ease of carry. If you are planning to primarily walk the course, carry bags are the way to go. These bags are the smallest in width and crafted of the lightest materials, and depending on the model, have multiple storage pouches to store balls, gloves, etc. Many players buy a carry bag that matches their brand of clubs.

Most carry bags these days have stands integrated into them; however, there are still some traditional carry bags out there that you simply lie on the ground in between shots. But for the most part, the terms "carry bag" and "stand bag" are used interchangeably. Stand bags feature a pair of fold-out legs that extend to form a tripod with the bag itself. In addition, most come in single-strap or double-strap configurations for comfort while walking the course. If you're susceptible to back problems, it's best to avoid single-strap bags, as they place more strain on the back.

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