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Mizuno S18 Wedges

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Golfballs.com Expert Description

For great feel, control, and improved playability around the green, Mizuno created the Mizuno S18 Wedge line. Mizuno uses a graduated head shape from the PW wedge to the lob wedge. To offer players superior control, the center of gravity’s placement has been optimized for each loft.

Generally, with higher lofts players hit higher on the club face. That’s why the higher lofted golf wedges in this collection are designed to be thicker higher on the blade, which in turn moves the CG up to provide a consistent spin rate. To take optimization a step further, the bounce is matched with the sole grind to improve shot-making around the greens.

Mizuno Golf Wedges S-Shaped Topline

You can open the wedge up while still being able to sit square to the ball thanks to a round s-shape design in the top line. This design creates a rounder and softer silhouette than the T7 Wedges.

Optimized Wedge Groove Design

To get a longer life out of the grooves, Mizuno uses Grain Flow Forging with 1025 Boron, an incredibly strong carbon steel, to ensure the grooves stay sharper for longer. These strong groves are able to make the ball spin for a longer period of time. To improve performance, the face’s grooves are milled with Quad Cut Grooves to offer stronger lofts narrow and deep grooves while the higher lofts have wide and shallow grooves. To generate more spin, Face Milling Lines are used to increase face texture.

Features of the Mizuno S18 Wedges:

  • Loft Specific CG design is used to improve control & playability for each golf wedge in the collection
  • Bounce & sole grind are matched to increase playability
  • 1025 Boron is used in the Grain Flow Forging of the grooves to improve the life of the grooves
  • Quad Cut Grooves optimize the groove design for higher & stronger lofts
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