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Cleveland Golf CG10 Black Pearl Wedges

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Manufacturer Description

The CG10 wedge is made from a proprietary material called Carbon Metal Matrix or CMM. With this breakthrough material, the game's foremost short game authority has once again redefined wedge performance. CG10 wedges are already a proven winner on and off the PGA Tour. The CG10 is widely hailed as the best feeling wedge Cleveland Golf has ever built, and that is saying something. In blind tests worldwide, the CG10 was overwhelmingly preferred for its soft, pure feel and was easily distinguished from other wedges. With its revolutionary low density properties, CMM allows Cleveland Golf club designers an unprecedented degree of design freedom. This freedom enabled the R&D team to design a wedge that while classic in appearance, has subtile design refinements which added to its exceptional performance. The pure look of the new Black Pearl finish builds on the overwhelming success of GunMetal wedges pioneered by Cleveland Golf. This finish gives an alternative look to the successful line of the CG10 wedges. The multi-layered Black Pearl finish combined with CMM provides a distinctively soft, solid feel. Unlike GunMetal, the Black Pearl will not rust. Black Pearl also reduces glare and makes it easy to frame the ball at the address position.

  • Unique Black Pearl finish reduces glare
  • Lower density metal provides 50% more mass which positions the center of gravity deeper and provides a solid feel
  • Accomodates the largest variety of sand, turf and swing types
  • Widely used on and off the PGA Tour

Avg Rating: 5 out of 5
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Like Butter
The cg10 is by far the best wedge I've ever played. It feels so sweet when you make contact, it's soft, yet completely solid feeling. As a nice bonus, I'm spinning balls back on the green, even out of the trap. Buy this wedge!
Jeff (Richmond, VA)
Handicap 11 - 15
CG 10 Black Pearl 60 degree High Bounce 3 dot
Best Wedge I've ever played. Great off all lies, and easy for bunker play! Keep the blade square to the target for sand shots! Much better than my old Vokeys!
Greg (Mobile, AL)
Handicap 11 - 15

Frequently asked questions about

If you were to go to a three wedge system, what loft's /bounce would you buy. Thanks, Craig
04/19/2009 3:12 PM
Craig, the lofts needed to fill your gaps will differ according to the loft of your irons. A stronger set of irons will need stronger wedges. For example: if your PW is 45 degree you will want your gap wedge near 50 degree with a sand at 54 and the lob at 58. You will always want your gap and lob wedges to have lower bounce while your sand wedge has higher bounce. The lower bounce is better for "harder" surfaces ie compact sand while the higher bounce is great for "softer" lies ie fluffy white s Employee: Andy
04/25/2009 11:39 AM
a 48 degree pitching wedge and a high bounce sandy are all you need, become a feel player
Mid Handicap Golfer:
05/02/2011 2:42 AM
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what is the loft on a standard sand wedge. I am playing a callaway wedge.
04/19/2009 1:41 PM
Thank you for your question. The standard loft on a sand wedge is either 55 or 56 Degree. It varies between those two lofts depending on the brand you prefer. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Johnny Employee: Johnny
04/20/2009 3:59 PM
54 to 56 degrees with 10 to 14 degrees of bounce. Cally's C grind is great, find the right loft and bounce combo.
Low Handicap Golfer: Brad
02/18/2010 1:55 AM
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