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Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Putter
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Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Putter

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Product Description

The new Exotics Wingman putter by Tour Edge is an extreme M.O.I. modern mini-mallet design that promotes the face square to the swing path for a more true roll due to the weighted wings integral to the design.

The multi-material putter has an extremely high resistance to twisting with one of the highest M.O.I. (Moment of Inertia) ratings of any putter available on the market.

Couple this extreme resistance to twisting with the Lock-On Alignment Technology and golfers have the ability to dial in putts with deadly accuracy.

A separate interchangeable weight kit including two 8-gram weights and two 15-gram weights gives golfers the option of adding or subtracting more overall weight to the heel and toe of the clubhead to obtain their preferred feel.

Many golfers choose to adjust the overall weight to lighter for faster greens and heavier for slower greens.

The standard head weight of the Wingman putters is 355 grams with the 3-gram weights. By using the weight kit, 9 different possible weight combinations and 6 different headweights can be achieved with the Wingman weighting system, with a maximum head wight of 379 grams being possible.

More weight in the heel will assist those who lag and leave the toe open in their stroke. Golfers with a tendency to pull their putts will benefit from more weight on the toe.

A jumbo Wingman branded Sink Fit Straight grip from Lamkin features a distinctive contoured shape and exclusive Fingerprint Technology. The Sink Fit Straight encourages lighter grip pressure and a smoother putting stroke.
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