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Taylor Made TP Red Collection Putters

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Golfballs.com Expert Description

Make putts roll straighter with increased topspin by using TaylorMade’s TP Red Collection of putters. For a soft feel, these Taylormade mallet putters use 304 stainless steel and feature a stylish Tour Red finish. Each of the six putter options contain the famous TaylorMade Pure Roll insert, made popular by Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day. For precision customization, all putter options also feature adjustable sole weights in both the heel and toe.

A TaylorMade Pure Roll Putter

To keep putts on a straight path to the hole, the TP Red putters feature 45° downward-angled grooves for faster topspin and more accuracy. The soft feel of the putter is made possible by the 6061 polymer insert designed to add 25-50 rpm to the ball, regardless of stroke.

Six Mallet Style Putter Variations

TaylorMade has manufactured the TP Red collection with variations to meet the needs of players who require differences in sightlines, toe hang, and shaft styles. The flagship Ardmore design features a face-balanced toe hang with a full shaft and dual sightlines while the Ardmore CTR features the same head with a center shaft. The Ardmore 2 has a slightly different design with three sightlines and “wings” off the toe and heel instead of a rounded club back. The Ardmore 2 “L” Neck mirrors this design with 27° of toe hang for players with more pronounced arcs. The Ardmore 3 takes this style a step further with 40° of toe hang and a single sightline. Rounding out the collection is the Chaska featuring face-balanced toe hang, triple sightlines and a rounded design with a semi-circular cut-out back.

Features of the TaylorMade TP Red Collection Putters:

  • Modern mallet putter design with 304 Stainless steel construction & covered in a standout Tour Red finish
  • Pure Roll inserts use downward-angled grooves for maximum topspin & consistent roll across varying terrain
  • Available in six different options: Ardmore, Ardmore 2, Ardmore 3, Chaska, including “L” Neck & Center Shaft variations
  • High contrast sightlines for a perfect lineup
  • Adjustable heel and toe sole weights offer a custom feel
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    What type of grip does this putter have?
    08/11/2018 5:57 PM
    Thank you for your question! This putter will come with the SuperStroke GTR 1.0 Grip.
    Golfballs.com Employee: LukeW
    08/12/2018 1:04 PM
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